Memories of Southeast Asia tend to be more multisensory than usual. You’re surrounded by vivid colours, distinctive local voices and rousing aromas on every street corner as the sun’s warmth glows against your skin. You see, you hear, you smell and feel. But, some of our favourite memories of the Far East are the ones that make our taste buds tingle.

Bangkok – Thailand

If Thai food tickles your fancy, you can’t do any better than to head to the country’s capital, Bangkok. You can’t walk far in the city without being enticed by the sweet, spicy aroma of a street food stall teasing your nostrils. Perhaps the city’s highest concentration of flavours reside around Silom Road. Follow your nose and you’ll invariably end up at a delicious dining venue within minutes. Pad Thais, Tom Yums, a range of curries, red and green – Bangkok’s offerings are plentiful, and their authenticity brings some surprising flavours, redefining your previous conceptions of what Thai food should taste like. If you’re looking for a culinary adventure around Bangkok, you can’t do much better than to accommodate your visit with a stay in the delightful COMO Metropolitan Bangkok.

Da Nang – Vietnam

The beach resort city of Da Nang is a haven for traditional Vietnamese cooking. A cacophony of sights, sounds and smells sees it share a common multi-sensory ambiance with other major cities like Bangkok. For us, the highlight of Da Nang has to be its street food. Historically, Da Nang was once a poor region, and money to buy certain meats was scarce which give rise to the popularity of a variety of light, shallow, tasty broths that you should be sure to try if you visit. Another favourite dish of ours in this region is bo tai chanh, which translates to “rare beef lime”. If you’re looking for five star accommodation in this area, look no further than Fusion Maia – perfectly located to help you explore Vietnam’s fifth largest city.

The Far East is one of the richest areas on Earth when it comes to fascinating flavours. These featured cities are just two of our favourites, but we have plenty more suggestions up our sleeves.

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