Split across the Cyclades of Greece on the touristic islands of Mykonos and Santorini, Grace Santorini and Grace Mykonos are two hotels that fall under a distinguished luxury boutique banner.

Specialising in a pampering holiday, the hotels revel in a harmonious atmosphere, ideally suited to the romance of a couple or honeymooners. For discerning travellers who have a more curious or adventurous side however, Grace’s bespoke experiences will prove to be a particular highlight. Gallop on horseback across a secluded beach at Mykonos, discover the Akrotiri’s archaeological site at Santorini, or explore the wineries of both islands. Our guests can also enjoy a 10% discount when staying at both hotels on 3 days or more.

Grace Santorini

Chiselled into the cliff face directly above a volcanic caldera, Grace Santorini is a minimalistic sanctuary of whitewashed walls and inspired villa accommodation. It’s location near the village of Imerovigli and views over the rocks of Skaros offer a unique chance to connect with the diverse landscape and Grace Santorini’s bespoke experiences.

Santorini Wine Tour

Whether choosing the perfect red companion for a beef based dish, or simply enjoying a self-congratulatory drink after a busy week, we love the sophisticated diversity that wine provides. Grace Santorini operates a private tour across the wineries of Santorini, detailing the creation process and its evolution since 3500 BC. Greek wine is often, rudely, overlooked when compared to the popularity of French and Italian wines, but a visit to the Domaine Sigalas, Estate Argyros or Wine Museum Koutsoyannopoulos will most certainly change your perception.

Archaeological Wonders

Primarily found on the island of Crete and the capital of Athens, the ancient Greek ruins that have survived thousands of years have contributed to the rich landscape of Greece as an attractive holiday destination. Mystique and legend surround the island of Santorini, which many believe to be the lost city of Atlantis. More tangible, Santorini houses its own landmark, Akrotiri’s archaeological site, destroyed in 1450 by a volcanic eruption. Many artefacts are preserved here and discoveries are being made regularly. Grace Santorini operate a 90 minute guided tour of the Minoan Bronze Age settlement. Afterwards, enjoy a seafood lunch at the nearby Spilia tou Nikola, regarded as one of the best taverns on the island.


Although there is much to explore on land, the sea is just as welcoming, there are a variety of sailing experiences that lead to opportunities of discovery and wonder. Glide along the turquoise waters and explore the Caldera coastline, discover volcanic formations and pick your own swimming and sunbathing spots. Cruise as far as Ios and Mykonos and visit the sandy beaches of Mangari, where scenes from the film Deep Blue were filmed. 

Grace Mykonos

In an idyllic position overlooking the golden sands of the Agios Stefanos beach, Grace Mykonos’s design closely resembles the form of traditional Greek architecture, however its cosmopolitan interiors add a welcome feature to the comfort of the rooms and villas. Featuring a similar bespoke experience programme to Grace Santorini, the Mykonos hotel adventure encompasses picnics on the beach, horse riding and a tour of the island.

Sundown Picnic

For a most romantic occasion with your loved one, enjoy a sundown picnic on the northern coast of Mykonos. Relish the finest local wines and the services of a private butler while you dine to the backdrop of the setting sun and the towering Armenistis Lighthouse. 

Horseback Rides

There’s a certain romanticism to the image of a horseback ride across the shores of a secluded beach. The gentle lapping waves, the golden sand and the dramatic rock formations all create the image of a whimsical dream. Ideally suited to couples or small groups of friends of any skill level, horse riding is a memorable experience capped by a short break and a delightful picnic.  

Tour of Mykonos

Discover the iconic sights and hidden gems of Mykonos on a guided tour. A local photographer will be your companion, as you travel to see the picturesque cluster of white windmills overlooking Mykonos Town. Other destinations include ‘Little Venice’, a collection of buildings and bars on the fringes of the sea. The name is derived from the Venetian roots of Mykonos and many highly acclaimed artists have made this charming destination their home, making it a trendy locale.


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