Presiding over the Atlantic Ocean on Europe’s western frontier, Portugal’s location has fostered a uniquely forward-thinking culture. Its progressive perspective is one of several reasons that many of us fall in love with this Iberian nation’s way of life. Adding to and complementing those reasons are three of Portugal’s most prestigious resorts – the simply serene Blue & Green.

The Portuguese have a long and colourful history of doing things differently. As one of Europe’s oldest independent nations, clocking in at an impressive 1150 years old, Portugal had the world’s first global empire, pioneering in the fields of sea navigation, exploration and cartography. Fast-forward to the present and Portugal’s rich culture, stunning landscape and alluringly warm weather continue to attract holidaymakers from around the globe, particularly to the Algarve region in the south, however, Lisbon shouldn’t be overlooked, having recently been tipped to become the next Berlin, welcoming an influx of professionals from all over Europe, who are currently snapping up properties across the city. With two Algarve resorts in their portfolio, along with a laidback Lisbon retreat, Blue & Green have their finger very much on the pulse of high-end luxury travel. 

Blue & Green The Lake Spa Resort – Vilamoura

The Lake Spa resort is situated in the affluent Algarve town of Vilamoura, a popular haunt of Europe’s rich and famous, centred on a trendy and vibrant marina. Overlooking this marina, enjoying a privileged position, The Lake Spa Resort embodies precisely what Blue & Green do best – exclusivity, luxury and relaxation. If we were to list every good reasons to visit The Lake, you’d be here all day, and it wouldn’t be anywhere near as fun as discovering them first-hand for yourself, so we’ll attempt to narrow them down to just a few. Aside from its prime location and close proximity to the breath-taking Falésia beach, Blue & Green The Lake has its own seawater manmade beach, a world class spa and six diverse bars and restaurants, in addition to ambient and stylish suites boasting panoramic views. As golfing fans will know, the Algarve draws thousands of people every year with its lush course greens, two of which, Pinhal and Oceanico, are just a thirty minute walk or ten minute drive away, respectively.

Blue & Green Vilalara Thalassa Resort – Lagoa

Further west along the coast, you’ll find the picturesque seaside oasis that is Blue & Green Vilalara Thalassa Resort. Close to the Algarve town of Lagoa, Vilalara Thalassa offers a traditional sun, sea and sand escape with a luxurious twist. It boasts one of the best Thalassotherapy and spa centres in the world, along with a kids club and babysitting service, making it a firm favourite with families seeking a Portuguese paradise of their own.  It also features four outdoor seawater pools, tennis courts and 11 hectares of lush subtropical gardens. Its light, airy, Gaudi-inspired suites take full advantage of their clifftop location, offering captivating sea views and, as is standard throughout the Algarve, it’s just a 15 minute drive from the pristine 9-hole Vale de Milho Golf Course.  

Blue & Green Troia Design Hotel – Lisbon

This contemporary five-star resort rests on the outskirts of the Portuguese capital, integrated into a nature reserve with dazzling views of a marina, the shimmering Atlantic Ocean and the Rio Sado river. Perfect for a relaxing city break, Blue & Green Troia Design Hotel is a mere hour from the centre of Lisbon – close enough for cosmopolitan days of culture, cuisine and shipping sprees, yet far away enough to provide peace and tranquillity when you want it. It should go without saying now, but just in case you haven’t already guessed, there are several golf courses nearby, which the hotel has collaborated with to offer exclusive deals to its club-swinging guests. But Blue & Green’s versatility means that there’s more than fairways, balls and bunkers to lure you in Lisbon’s direction. The hotel has a contemporary art collection for those who appreciate creativity and the surrounding areas are great for exploring historical ruins, dolphin spotting and horse rides through rice paddies and quiet beaches.

Regardless of what you’re looking for in your Iberian escape, whether it’s a city break, bronzing on the beach or unwinding in ultimate relaxation, if you do your research like we have, you’ll find that Portuguese luxury travel’s true colours are Blue and Green. 


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