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Located in the south of Italy, the Borgo Egnazia is spread over 250 acres of ancient olive groves and is more akin to a little village than a resort.

Puglia, Italy’s sun-baked stiletto, is a region imprinted with the tracks of different cultures. For centuries, the province was invaded, conquered and occupied by numerous civilisations, from the Greeks, to the Normans and the Romans in-between. Today, Puglia is growing in popularity as a tourist destination, thanks to its 500-mile coastline, the ruins left behind by long-gone civilisations and trend-setting hotels like the Borgo Egnazia.

Although the Borgo Egnazia is modelled on the appearance of a traditional Puglian village, the hotel is actually more reminiscent of a large, lost city. This is down to the grand scale of its clock tower, the communal stairwells and narrow alleyways, simply put; it could all be cheap and tacky, but it it’s a majestic village that looks like it has been recently excavated, two swimming pools and all! After a scenic journey by road from either Bari, or Brindisi Airport, the whitewashed walls of the resort come into view and the delightful scent of figs and oregano guide you towards the entrance. The main building entrance bears the mark of a Moroccan-come-Italian influence which sets the scene throughout the hotel, but the elegant, white-leaf tree is the first thing you will notice; a sight of simple beauty everyone will be taken aback by the first time they see it.

Instead of feeling fussed upon, or excessively fawned over in a manner that can be, on occasion, a little overbearing, the staff employ a much more laid back approach, taking care of the little things behind the scenes with minimal fanfare, making you feel as if you’re in a friend’s home. One guest who stayed emphasised their delight when the staff left update notes in their room, after their daughter’s precious teddy bear was accidentally misplaced. Never fear, the bear was found later safe and sound and in a much cleaner condition than when it arrived! 

Our travel experts, Melissa Gardiner and Faisal Khan travelled to the Borgo Egnazia at the beginning of May and loved every second of their visit. In particular, their room during their stay, the La Corte Magnifica, comes highly recommended for its use of natural light. By night, the room is beautifully illuminated by candles, there’s no artificial light and old farming ornaments add a touch of antiquated charm to the lounge space, which can convert into a second bedroom. Faisal and Melissa did get the chance to dine in the central Piazza, a once-a-week experience that recreates the feel of a traditional Puglian square. The piazza looks ancient, but it’s actually a recent addition, where guests can come together every Friday as one big family and enjoy Apulian food and traditional live music.

For those that enjoy exploring the local region, Ostuni and Monopoli are within a half an hour journey away from the hotel, as is Arabello with its beautifully sculpted trulli houses, which are prehistoric settlements that originate from the Itria Valley. The hotel also features two beaches nearby, which can both be reached via complimentary shuttle transfer or by hiring bikes from the hotel. A bicycle tour is an excellent option, as the landscape is relatively flat and there’s much to see.

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