If you have a favourite destination that you travel to regularly, but want to try something or at least somewhere new, then we have some alternative suggestions for your next holiday!

1. If You Like Las Vegas, You'll Love Dubai

Flight time London to Las Vegas - 11-hrs, 45 mins

Average temperature - Highest - 42 degrees, lowest - 18 degrees






Flight time London to Dubai - 6-hrs, 55 mins

Average temperature - Highest- 42 degrees, lowest - 15 degrees


Both these cities are man-made, with huge tall buildings coming out of the desert, both are fantastic for shopping, with malls and designer boutiques. Now of course, if you like Las Vegas for the gambling and nightlife, Dubai may not be the destination for you. Many of the hotels and indoor complexes have bars, but there is no Hangover style crazy all-nighters going on in Dubai! It does, however, have water parks, indoor lakes, pools, and fountains. Perfect for couples, friends, and families.

2. If You Like The Maldives, You'll Love Aruba

Flight time from London to the Maldives - 12-hrs, 20 mins


Average temperature - highest - 29 degrees, lowest - 27 degrees






Flight time from London to Aruba - 12-hrs, 30 mins


Average temperature - highest - 33 degrees, lowest - 24 degrees


If you love the 'do nothing' style holiday by the beach in the Maldives, then Aruba might be a great alternative. Aruba is a tiny Dutch Caribbean island off the coast of Venezuela and has dry sunny weather and white sandy beaches. It has very similar resorts and accommodation on or by the sea and has a relaxed atmosphere very similar to the Maldives. You can find over-sea accommodation, secluded beaches and underwater diving in Aruba and the average temperature is also a little warmer than the Maldives. There are great shopping and dining destinations in Oranjestad, the capital of the island as well as a great nightlife.

3. If You Like New York, You'll Love Toronto

Flight time from London to New York - 8-hrs, 15mins


Average temperature - highest -29 degrees, lowest is -3 degrees





Flight time from London to Toronto - 7-hrs, 55 mins


Average temperature - highest - 26 degrees, lowest is -7 degrees



Although Toronto only has 6 million inhabitants and doesn't match New York in terms of sheer size, it does, however, have a very similar feel. There is the same bustling downtown, the same energetic crowds, the same easy to follow subway system and the same access to the arts, theatre and museums. It is a very multicultural city with diverse and delicious cuisine. It looks so similar to New York that many movies have been filmed here pretending to be Manhatten. The crime rate is much lower than in New York and it is well known for its politeness.

4. If You Like The Caribbean, You'll Love Greece

Flight from London to the St.Lucia - 8hrs, 55 mins


Average temperature - highest - 31 degrees, lowest - 22 degrees




Flight from London to Athens (Greece) - 3hr, 40 minutes


Average temperature - highest 29 degrees, lowest - 10 degrees


If you are a fan of the clear turquoise sea, blue skies and white sandy beaches of the Caribbean then you may just be a fan of Greece, which has all of the above, perfect for a relaxing holiday with a shorter flight time. Sailing and boat trips are also popular here as is snorkeling and exploring the rocky coves. The Greek islands offer a perfect destination for a Caribbean style holiday.

If you like Venice, You'll Love Amsterdam

Flight from London to Venice - 2hrs, 10 minutes

Average temperature - Highest - 28 degrees, lowest - 1 degree in Dec/Jan




Flight from London to Amsterdam - 1hr, 15 minutes

Average temperature - highest 22 degrees, lowest - 0/1 in Jan/Feb



If you love being surrounded by historical buildings and canals, and love the culture, cafes and cuisine of Venice, then trust us, you will fall head over heels in love with Amsterdam. The city has great shopping, great restaurants, an interesting (and let's face it, unusual) culture and you have the opportunity to sightsee around the city via the many boats AND bicycles in the city. Amsterdam also has a fantastic and efficient tram system which can take you all around the city and during the spring the city is awash with brightly coloured tulips. Like Venice, parts of the city is made up of narrow winding streets filled with cafes, shops and museums and like Venice, there are some beautiful streets and houses to explore.

If you are interested in any of the destinations above, please give us a call today and book your next adventure with us!

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