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'I believe there is a female assassin operating internationally, and she's targeted a number of influential people. She doesn't have a signature, but she certainly has style and I don't know who or what is behind her, but I don't think she's slowing down and just that interested me, I guess'Eve

BBC America’s series, Killing Eve, has garnered thousands of fans around the globe for its feisty and funny drama involving an MI5 operative and a quirky assassin. It is filmed in various locations around Europe and if you can tear your eyes away from the drama, you may notice iconic buildings and areas are not shown, as the filming is done from that of a local’s point of view. Bearing this in mind, the locations still look simply stunning, partly because, let’s face it, they just are and partly because of the cinematography skills of the crew.

Now, let us guide you through some of the key locations in the Killing Eve story...


Paris is home to our sassy assassin Villanelle - her apartment is in the upmarket 6th arrondissement. In the series we see her walking through Rue Guénégaud and Rue Mazarine to her apartment block where many scenes are filmed (the inside of her chic apartment is actually a set in a London studio). In a later episode, we see her confronting Konstantin within the 18th-century galleries of Place Vendôme. The only other key locations in which we see her, and other characters, is on the Paris streets or on the Metro.


Besides cheese, baguettes and oh la la, what else does the city have to offer?


Paris has so much more to offer than its iconic buildings and tasty food including the I Love You wall which is the city's linguistic guide to the international language of amour where tourists from all over the world write I love you, the museum of the History of Medicine, the secret apartment built at the top of the Eiffel tower (who knew!) and Rue Cremieux which is arguably one of the most Instagram friendly streets in the city with brightly coloured houses on a cobbled street of perfection. One for the gram!