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Fancy an alternative city break, adventure holiday or tick 'seeing the Northern Lights' off the bucket list? Then Lapland could be the perfect summer destination for you.

Whilst Lapland is typically known as a winter holiday destination it is also a great place to visit during the spring and summer seasons if you don't mind the lack of snow and Christmas theme. You can still see lots of the things you would see in winter, such as huskies and reindeer and you can treat it as either a city break, visiting Helsinki or another city in Lapland ,or as an activity holiday. There are some great outdoor activities on offer including hiking, biking, fishing and sailing. It is also a great destination for couples and families. For couples, there are specific tours you can take part in, including city tours and spa packages along with intimate dinners. For families, there are lots of activities to take part in such as biking and walking trails, along with city sights and museums.



The weather is warmer from the end of May to August and the temperature ranges from 15 - 25 and even 30 degrees. The Midnight Sun shines between early June and ends early July but the nights are actually light during the summer with 24 hours of white.

Join an Activity Tour

During the Spring and Summer months, there are plenty of activities to take part in where you will learn more about the local culture, history, landscapes and animals. Below are some activity tour ideas:



Fat Biking Trip to Gold Prospector

A fat bike (in case you are wondering) is a bicycle with extra wide tyres which make them easier to ride and better for the environment. Before your adventure, you will get a helmet and bike before setting off to explore the nature and history of the area such as the gold prospecting area as well as the early era of Saariselka. The trails are easy and can be used by those not used to biking.


Packrafting and hiking


The adventure starts in Tolosjoki where the river is slow flowing with great scenery and small rapids making it easy to paddle! On the shoreline, there is gold digging going on during the summer months. There is about 10km of paddling, time for nearby forest exploration and then a hike back to Saariselka where you might spot different flora and animals if you are lucky.


Hiking and fishing trip


You begin the hike in the middle of the forest and the route can go through Lappish forest and over small hills as well as include pond fishing or going on a rowboat; anything caught can be used for lunch.


Guided Walking Tour


There are many walking tours to choose from but if you want to explore a city, the walking tour of Helsinki is a great option. You can travel around the Market Square, Senate Square, Engel's Cathedral, University building and library, shops, the Music hall and the Parliament House and there are other optional visits such as to boutiques and a distillery to opt into. You will be joined by an English speaking guide.

See the Midnight Sun

You can hike to the top of Kaunispaa to look at the view and if there is good weather you can see across the Russian fells which are over 40km to the east! Other attractions during the summer months here include the reindeer which have come to the heights of the are in order to avoid the pesky mosquitos which reside in the lowlands. The Midnight Sun shines between early June and ends early July, but the nights are actually light during the summer with 24 hours of light.

Take a Day Trip

Visit the Reindeer Farm

A visit to the reindeer farms also means learning about the Lappish culture and reindeer herding and one of the most important skills is lasso throwing, before enjoying coffee and cakes in the Lappish tepee.



Trip to the Lappish Goldfields

You will be transported by car to the Lappish goldfield which is near Saariselka where you will meet the original gold diggers and panning methods. Then after learning the skills needed to find gold you can try and find some yourself! Shovels and pail will be on hand! There will be coffee and pancakes during the trip and a drive back to Saariselka.



Excursion to Inari Village

You will drive by car to the village of Inari along Lake Inari and visit the Sami museum and learn all about the Sami people and how they lived during centuries gone by in Lapland as nomads herding reindeers. After lunch there is a 2-hour cruise to Lake Inari which is the 3rd biggest lake in Finland. The return to Inari is by an old post war waterway which passes by an old cemetery island where you can still see wooden crosses. This can also be done at night so you can glimpse the Lapland summer night where you will see the midnight sun between the 24th May – 19th July.



Try the Local Cuisine

Many places in Rovaniemi offer Lappish treats in the restaurants and cafes and in the summer food such as stews and casseroles are replaced with fish and lighter meals. There are a number of dishes unique to Lapland that you might want to try. For fish lovers, the fish here is served fried and eaten whole accompanied my a garlic sauce. Baltic herring is also very popular as is normally served with mashed or boiled potatoes. The local salmon is very popular and it can be grilled, smoked or served as a tartare and herring is often eaten with fine rye bread.


If you venture out of the city centre it is best to get direction for specific restaurants and they can often be found alone in the wild! Other popular foods include Valkosipuli (garlic) soup, Lapland bread cheese (often used in deserts and made from reindeer milk) and smoked arctic char which is a relative of salmon and trout.

If you are interested in enjoying what Lapland has to offer then let us tailor make a perfect summer holiday for you!