Australia’s quieter cousin has a rich cache of cultural, historical and bucolic appeal with which to tempt travellers from around the world.

New Zealand’s thriving tourism industry owes much to the sweetly welcoming charms of its residents; people defined by their leisurely approach to life. Whether you’ve booked one of our all-inclusive city stays or prefer to spend your time taking a Destinology tour of NZ’s hugely varied terrain, you’re sure to find a warm welcome wherever you go.

Diverse Landscapes

New Zealand’s landscape is a must-see. Gentle green valleys and sandy beaches belie the true wildness of the country’s terrain, which boasts silent forests, pristine lakes, magisterial mountain ranges and mysterious glacial caverns. Getting off the beaten track is an absolute must, and visitors to New Zealand would be amiss to not indulge in a spot of hiking – or ‘tramping’, in the local dialect – during their stay.


If you’re new to the island we recommend trying one our acclaimed New Zealand tours. Our New Zealand Splendour Escorted Tour is the best option for first-time adventurers, and will give you the opportunity to see the crystal clear waters of Lakes Tekapo and Pukaki, as well as the Franz Josef Glacier and Southern Alps. For those looking to relax and unwind, there are plenty of local tours to be had when you opt for a luxurious resort break – such as the vineyard tour, courtesy of the Breckenridge Lodge in the beautiful Omaranui Valley.

The Swinging Cities

New Zealand may be famed for its laid-back lifestyle, but its cities boast a dazzling array of attractions that are guaranteed to appeal to even the most timorous traveller. In addition, Auckland, Wellington, Christchurch and Queenstown have all benefitted hugely from the nation’s increased tourist trade and, as a result, have seen a huge number of exclusive resorts, hotels and boutique spas open on their doorstep. Friendly and bustling by day, spell-binding by night, New Zealand’s cities are the perfect choice for both families and romantic couples.


Both first-time and more experienced travellers will absolutely adore our A Taste of New Zealand self-drive multicentre tour, which provides an extensive itinerary encompassing the very best aspects of New Zealand’s rural and urban landscapes. All of New Zealand’s major cities are included in this package, as well as Rotorua and the Bay of Islands. 


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