Morocco has one of the most diversified cuisines in the world. Its proximity to Spain and its Mediterranean and Atlantic coastlines, alongside its history of interaction with the outside world, have each blessed this North African nation with a culture of palate-pleasing like no other place on Earth.

Combining European, African, Middle Eastern and Asian influences, Morocco’s traditional dishes often display an unlikely but refreshing mix of ingredients to produce some sensational flavours. One proud torchbearer of Moroccan cuisine is the Royal Palm Marrakech. This luxurious oasis, sitting at the foot of the Atlas Mountains, places quality of experience at the heart of what it does, which manifests not only in the stylish elegance of its architecture and interior design, but also in the passion, attention and care that goes into each of its restaurants.

Whether you’re eating lunch in the sun at L’Olivier while gazing at the humbling Atlas Mountains, enjoying dinner in the warm and stylish atmosphere of Le Caravane or experiencing a genuine culinary journey through Moroccan tradition at Al Ain Restaurant, Royal Palm’s mouth-watering gourmet offerings are guaranteed leave your stomach feeling full while your taste buds are still tempted for more. The recent appointment of French chef, Yann Meinsel, in keeping with Morocco’s history of combining international influences to bring the best out of its recipes, has added a flavoursome new identity to the hotel.

Yann Meinsel’s attentive approach to respecting his products transpires in his combination of elegant presentation with authenticity of flavours to meet the challenge of excellence. He brings his own personal touch to each meal, blended with subtlety and refinement. Even if you’re very familiar with Moroccan cuisine, you’ll be able to enjoy your favourite dishes while being introduced to new delights, courtesy of the chef’s creative flair.

At L’Olivier, you can try the sautéed gambas on a thin tomato and basil tart with a bouquet of tender salad leaves or a gambas soup with a jardinière seasoned with espelette chili and lemongrass as an entrée. As for mains, dishes include snacked red mullet fillets with confit, raw fennel and citrus juice or salmon with a ‘scent of adventure’, fresh out of the tandoori oven. In keeping with the chef’s appreciation of Morocco’s blessed position, at L’Olivier you can enjoy a selection of meat and fish, freshly caught off the coast.

Royal Palm Marrakech also offers a tempting selection of sweet treats, including iced nougat with light vanilla-flavoured cream, baked apple Tatin with cinnamon ice cream and the unmissable chocolate petit pots. The ambiance at Le Caravane is an invitation to travel on its own, and the resort’s views of the Atlas Mountains are the perfect accompaniment to its world class culinary delights.

Of course, for many foodies, half of the satisfaction of eating comes from the selection of ingredients, preparation and cooking for yourself. If you find yourself nodding in agreement with that statement, then you may be interested in staying in one of Royal Palm’s spacious villas, which come with a fully-equipped kitchen. With your own Moroccan home away from home, you have the opportunity to explore the authentic souks of Marrakech – some of the oldest, largest and most aromatic open-air markets in North Africa, where you can barter for some of the finest exotic ingredients in the world. Should you wish to venture out into the souks, we advise that you first do a little research, so that you know what to expect. They’re a little lively, to say the least.

Whether you want to gain a fuller flavour of Morocco’s culinary culture by diving head first into the souks and following your ingredients on their journey from market to mouth, or if you’re after a more refined, relaxing dining experience in a gourmet restaurant, catered to by a world class chef, this outstanding resort passes our taste test on all counts. If you enjoy staying in exceptional accommodation and experiencing interesting new dishes, so delicious that you can almost taste the passion behind them, then you should, without a doubt, make your next meal an authentic Moroccan feast at Royal Palm Marrakech.


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