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Broadly speaking, when it comes to cruise holidays, there are two schools of thought. While some operators tend to push destination driven itineraries, others hold the belief that the ship itself should also serve as a destination. 

Royal Caribbean International, without a doubt, fall into the latter category. Perhaps a century of technological progress gives it an unfair advantage, but Royal Caribbean’s newest Quantum Class vessel, Ovation of the Seas, has enough bells and whistles to make the legendary Titanic look and feel like an oversized tugboat by comparison. Now, to those who haven’t seen Ovation of the Seas, granted, that sounds like a bold statement, but we welcome you to test the veracity of our claims. One of Royal Caribbean’s aims is to ‘elevate your idea of cruising’. To give you some perspective, if you were to take each of its 16 floors and line them up on top of each other vertically, you’d have enough cruise ship to reach the top of Mount Kilimanjaro. Its combined 230,000 square meters of space can accommodate over 4,100 people, but as the saying goes – size isn’t everything. 

The quirks and perks of Royal Caribbean’s Quantum Class ships are every bit as oriented on quality as they are on quantity. They’re the world’s first SMARTships, providing ultrafast broadband and a state-of-the-art check in system, along with radio frequency ID bands, making access to shows and services quicker and easier than ever before. These innovative bands also serve a function at the ‘Bionic Bar’, where you can use your wristband to order drinks and robotic bartenders will pour, mix and serve up your tipple of choice. Also exclusive to Royal Caribbean’s Quantum Class ships is Jamie Oliver’s hugely popular restaurant, Jamie’s Italian, and for more casual cuisine, along with some world class craft beers, chef Michael Schwartz has opened Michaels’ Genuine Pub. 

It’s very difficult to convey Ovation of the Seas’ many facets and features in one small article, but so inspirational is a stay aboard a Quantum Class ship that it’s only right that we try. Soaring above the rest of the ship, the North Star capsule ascends up to 300 feet above sea level, where you can enjoy breath-taking views of the ocean, ship and captivating destinations that you’ll visit along the way.  Another Quantum Class exclusive is the unique experience of flying while you float in the RipCord skydiving simulator – a ground-breaking wind tunnel that allows you to experience weightlessness without having to hurl yourself from a plane. Equally thrilling is the FlowRider surf simulator, where you can catch the perfect waves that pro surfers crave.

In addition to its six bars and twelve restaurants, Ovation of the Seas also boasts a theatre, which seats up to 1300 people, along with a casino, spa, cinema screen, a rock climbing wall, multiple pools, whirlpools and an award-winning kids club. It would be very easy for all of this glitz, glamour and innovation to overshadow its accommodation, but Royal Caribbean’s commitment to providing an outstanding service during every moment of your cruise means that the wide selection of rooms and suites on offer are every bit as outstanding. Ovation of the Seas is set to make her maiden voyage on 17th April 2016 with a visit to France and Belgium, before heading on to Barcelona, the Middle East, India and Southeast Asia, sailing all the way to Japan by summer and reaching New Zealand this December. There really isn’t a more luxurious and thrilling way to travel than aboard one of Royal Caribbean International’s Quantum Class ships, and their latest addition to the family, Ovation of the Seas, certainly looks set to continue their prestigious legacy.