Since the turn of the new millennium, this sail-inspired hotel has harnessed the wind of change and guided Dubai on its voyage to the international stage.

Looking at it, you wouldn’t guess that the Burj Al Arab was built in the 1990s. Its innovative, stylish design possesses a timeless quality, owing to its blending of futuristic features with the iconic, age-old aesthetics of an Arabian dhow sailing vessel. We’re told to never judge a book by its cover, but the Burj Al Arab is a definite exception to the rule, as what’s inside is every bit as impressive as its exterior. Although official star rating systems only go up to five star deluxe, many have heralded Dubai as the only seven star hotel in the world and we’re not alone in saying that it definitely lives up to the accolade. 

Once inside, the first thing to catch your eye will, without a doubt, be the atrium, which is the tallest in the world. Another feature that will strike you immediately is the level of dedicated service from the hotel staff. The Burj Al Arab has a staff to guest ratio of eight to one, ensuring that your every want and whim is tended to with impressive speed and care. Most importantly for such a reputable hotel, the rooms have a regal Arabian vibe, which can only be described as opulent and unapologetically yet tastefully ostentatious. Even the smallest room here would upstage the grandest of suites in many a five star hotel around the world.

You’ll have one of the world’s most exciting cities on your doorstep, but you could be forgiven for barely stepping foot outside, when there’s a tempting array of attractions to explore indoors. There’s a total of six restaurants to dine in, offering Middle Eastern, European, Oriental and global seafood cuisine, along with four different bars from which you can indulge in spectacular far-reaching views of Dubai and the Persian Gulf. But food and drink is just an appetising fraction of the attraction. On the upper floors, perched 150 metres above the emirate, Talise Spa and its fitness centre have set a new benchmark for luxurious leisure facilities and tranquil treatments. Sitting in the Jacuzzi, as you watch the Arabian sunset cast its shimmering romantic light over the waters of the gulf, you gain an invigorating sense of satisfaction in one of those rare moments of deep appreciation for all that’s worth celebrating in life.

When you do finally manage to peel yourself away from the hotel and discover Dubai, your stay includes complimentary buggy rides to Jumeirah Beach Hotel, where you can feel the sand beneath your toes and a warm gentle breeze on your skin while you soak up the sun to the sound of waves lapping the shore. If your appetite tends towards more up-tempo activities, there’s a host of water sports, sailing, fishing and yachting adventures to be had, not to mention complimentary access to the renowned Wild Wadi Waterpark. The Burj Al Arab presents an educational experience too, as an operational site for the Dubai Turtle Rehabilitation Project, whose aims are not only to rescue, rehabilitate and release injured sea turtles back into the wild, but also to educate local children, citizens and hotel guests about the sea turtle’s biology and its plight around the world.

Jumeirah’s unending commitment to providing innovative luxury is evident in its recently added ten thousand square metre terrace. This overwater platform, opening at the end of June 2016, fans 100 metres out into the Arabian Gulf and accommodates 32 cabanas, 400 sun loungers, a fresh water pool and salt water pool, along with a bar and restaurant. Jumeirah appointed Marine construction experts in Finland to build their latest attraction, not only for their world renowned expertise, but also to have the whole thing constructed thousands of miles away then shipped over, in order to cause minimal disruption to the quality of experience they’re committed to providing their guests. Below is one of the first images of the deck to be released.

It’s little wonder why celebrities like Claudia Schiffer, Novak Djokovic, Roger Federer and many more are all Burj Al Arab fans. The tag of ‘best luxury hotel in the world’ isn’t a term that’s thrown around lightly, but it’s rightly applied to this iconic architectural masterpiece. The Burj Al Arab’s construction marked the beginning of a new chapter in Dubai’s history and, even as the world’s tallest building and some of the most spectacular modern marvels of engineering have sprung up around it, this iconic sail-shaped marvel remains one of the most impressive accomplishments of human ingenuity.


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