You’re probably no stranger to the eastern Mediterranean’s charms. Its allure is a by-product of a long, dramatic and illustrious history. Over thousands of years, rulers replaced rulers, empires conquered empires and, throughout it all, cultures, east and west, melded, adapted and blossomed.

The fruit of this blossoming is the wonderful diversity we enjoy today. It’s a multisensory experience that can be seen in Greco-Roman, Ottoman and Byzantine architecture. You can taste it in the intricate flavours of Turkish, Greek and Italian food. You can hear it in the music, smell it in the air and feel it in your bones. The eastern Mediterranean is a rich tapestry that humbles us into remembering that we only enjoy today’s luxuries because we’re standing on the shoulders of yesterday’s giants. Visit any city in this part of the world and you’ll gain a sense of its magnetism, but if you really want more from this multifarious region, you should shed the limitations of land-based living and see more by sea.

Regent Seven Seas Cruises, Seabourn and Silversea are so adept at providing luxury and glamour with seemingly effortless ease, that it adds profoundly to the romance of any region, making it easier to fall in love with a destination as fully as we always hope to. So, to ignite that spark and introduce you to a menagerie of cities to make you swoon, we’ve carefully selected three of our favourite cruises, each scheduled to set sail this year.

Mediterranean Mosaic – Monte Carlo to Athens, November 2016

Starting in the ever affluent and exclusive city of Monte Carlo, this 14 day cruise guides you from the more familiar western regions of the Mediterranean all the way to the turquoise waters of Asia Minor, before cutting back across the Aegean Sea to the birthplace of western civilisation – Athens. Aboard the enchanting Seabourn Soujourn, you’ll benefit from four restaurants, six bars and cafes, along with a two-deck spa facility, two outdoor pools, six outdoor whirlpool spas and range of entertainment. While benefitting from all of this at sea, coupled with Seabourn’s unparalleled service, you’ll visit Corsica, Rome, Dubrovnik, Montenegro, Crete, Rhodes, Bodrum, Ephesus and Mykonos before finally reaching the Athens port of Piraeus.

Infusing French, Italian, Germanic, Slavic, Turkish and Greek cultural attractions, if you’re seeking the best of the Mediterranean, then this is where you’ll find it.

Land of Legends – Jerusalem to Rome, November 2016

Living in isolation from the rest of the continent, it’s easy for us Brits to forget that the Mediterranean isn’t solely a European sea. We also share its inviting waters with the coasts of Africa and the Middle East too, and both have contributed greatly to the cultures of southern Europe that we know and love today. In appreciation of this fact, Regent Seven Seas have compiled a 14 day itinerary starting in the ancient and holy city of Jerusalem – an important site to Jews, Christians and Muslims alike. With free return flights, transfers and unlimited shore excursions included, the exceptional Seven Seas Explorer sets sail from Israel on 2nd of November and will call at Cyprus, Antalya, Rhodes, Patmos, Izmir, Volos, Crete, Malta, Sicily and Pompeii before reaching its final destination of Rome.

This cruise is very much oriented around significant historical sites of the ancient world and is ideally suited to those who are fascinated with antiquity. The Seven Seas Explorer is Regent’s newest vessel, and we fully expect that its many modern bells and whistles will contrast with the archaic architecture of the eastern Mediterranean coastline in a wholly satisfying and complementary way.

Ancient Marvels – Istanbul to Venice, July 2016

With the world’s only transcontinental city as its starting point, this 14 day Silversea cruise leaves Istanbul on the 29th July and travels along the breath-takingly blue waters of Turkey’s Aegean Coast, gracing the ports of Dikili and Kusadasi to give a comprehensive taste of Turkish culture that you wouldn’t otherwise find in more tourist-heavy destinations. From there, you’ll explore the stunning Greek Islands of Patmos, Santorini, Rhodes and Mykonos, each harbouring their own unique cultures, cuisine and ambiance. Then it’s on to Athens, Olympia and Corfu before heading up the Adriatic Coast. The final five days of the trip will see you explore the iconic towns of Kotor in Montenegro and Dubrovnik and Hvar in Croatia, lining the way to the romantic gondola-rich city of Venice.

This cruise is accommodated by Silversea’s Silver Spirit, partnering their distinctive luxuries and celebrated lifestyle with recent enhancements, as well as boasting private verandas for 95% of its suites, which collectively create the six star service and ambiance that the cruise line is famous for.

These are just a small selection of the six star eastern Mediterranean adventures set to take place this year. For more information get in touch today via phone, email or instant message. One of our dedicated luxury cruise specialists will be more than happy to help you raise the anchor and set sail on a voyage that will be unforgettable for all of the right reasons.


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