Paris, the French Capital of Fashion, Cuisine, Art and now Cocktails

Paris’ love affair with cocktails is a peculiar thing. Buoyed by the opening of Harry’s New York Bar and Bar Hemingway, the 1920s were a prosperous time for any connoisseur of hand crafted drinks in a cosmopolitan setting. Fast forward and years of declining standards meant that cocktails away from the respite of hotel bars were little more than premade fakes, offering very little in the way of pizzazz or flavour.


Today the scene has exploded, bringing with it a diversified range of flavours, from classic and contemporary, to every delicious Frankenstein concoction in between. Experimental Cocktails pushed the genre with its opening in 2007 and there are now many excellent venues where you can find the perfect mojito or gin rickey that would make even Ernest Hemingway or F. Scott Fitzgerald proud.




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