Roughly 30,000 flights take off and land in the USA every day, accounting for 60% of the world’s air traffic. In such a huge country it’s good business sense to fly between states, but if your American Dream is one of pleasure rather than business, it could be best to swap wings for wheels and hit the highway.

For over 40 years Cruise America and their motorhomes have been helping people connect the many dots which make up the awe-inspiring picture that is the United States. As the fourth biggest country on Earth, it’s no great secret that the land of opportunity has a wealth of wonders and attractions. The Statue of Liberty, the Grand Canyon, Mount Rushmore, Yosemite and Yellowstone National Parks, Golden Gate Bridge, Disney Land, Central Park, the Kennedy Space Centre, Universal Studios, LA, Miami, Houston, New York, San Francisco, Seattle, Chicago, Boston, Washington, Las Vegas – the list goes on and on and on. Visiting just one place is like buying a mansion and only ever using one room. Although its attractions are each captivating in their own right, the bigger picture is a masterpiece. 

Freedom is a word often used in the same sentence as America, and there’s no better way to discover why than doing so in your own four-wheeled home away from home. With rental centres in 26 popular locations across the country, you’re free to start your journey in any of the major cities that we’ve mentioned; where you go onto from there is entirely up to you. And with this great freedom comes great flexibility. A hotel holiday, aside from limiting you to staying in one place, also leaves you with little choice but to eat out every day. Having breakfast, lunch and dinner in a restaurant each day not only makes a significant dent in your wallet but can also lose its novelty quite quickly. You wouldn’t eat out every day at home and sometimes we all feel like a lazy day, where we don’t have to bother getting dressed for breakfast. So, forgive us for stating the obvious, but with a sizeable refrigerator and kitchen in your motorhome, you have the flexibility to eat whatever, whenever and wherever you want to. Another benefit to travelling along American highways and byways is the favourable dollar to fuel ratio that lucky US citizens enjoy.

There are three different sized RVs to choose from, accommodating between three and seven people, each complete with beds, a kitchen and a bathroom, but as much as this vacation is about the comfort of your combined holiday home and transport, it’s more about the wealth of sights and experiences that it brings. Cruise America have various pre-packaged itineraries in case the sheer number of attractions on offer leaves you not knowing where to start. They even have five rental centres across Canada if you fancy exploring the coniferous country of the USA’s northern neighbours. If the thought of a journey around North America in one of these amazing automobiles rouses your appetite for adventure, but you’d like help in deciding where to go, our well-travelled team of stateside Destinology experts are just a phone call away, happy to set the wheels in motion and share some of their favourite finds with you.


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