We have put together a list of 10 tips and tricks to make the most of being at the airport and your flying experience.

Crafty Ways To Stay Hydrated

To avoid having to buy a drink after going through security, take an empty bottle with you that you can fill up afterwards as well as on the plane and it also reduces wastefulness from plastic bottles. Drinks can be super expensive in airports so you will also be saving your pennies for more important expenses or purchases! The other way you can take a drink through security is if it is frozen, as frozen liquids are fine with the TSA.

Hang out in Airline Lounges

Some airports have a one-day pass into otherwise exclusive lounges where they have free food, drink and comfort while you wait for your flight. Worth asking. Or, you may have to be a member of the airline, which is free to join and often has perks such as lounges, extra baggage allowance and more. Check your airline's website or app to see if they have a membership scheme before flying. If you are a frequent flyer you may be able to use your air miles to get a membership, giving you access to airport lounges as well.

A Controversial Gadget

If you have long legs or simply want to make the most of your leg room there is a gadget called the ‘Knee Defender' which locks onto your tray table and stops the seat in front from reclining. Although this is quite a hardcore option rather than just asking the person in front to raise their seat, the gadget itself is FAA approved so make of that what you will.....

To Layer or not to Layer

You just never know how the temperature will be on a flight so layering up your clothes is key to stopping you sweating or shivering which both spoil your flying experience. Take a cardigan or scarf, which, if you don’t end up using can be used as a pillow or neck rest instead. Layering can also free up space in your luggage if you are around the weight limit, or simply want a lighter bag to carry.

Sheet Masks Rule

We all know that the recycled air on a plane plays havoc with your skin, so bringing along a hydrating sheet face mask will help your skin stay moisturised, although you will look scary! Totally worth it though. Try to keep it in the fridge beforehand so it's fresh and cooling upon application then simply dispose of it after use.

It's All about the Balance

If you aren’t a fan of turbulence (who is?) then try to get a seat near the wing of the plane. As the plane is designed to rock in a seesaw-like motion on the front and back when there is turbulence, there will be less movement if you place your self in the middle. Book your seat beforehand to get the best chance of getting a wing seat.

Clear Bags

We all know that liquids under 100ml need to be in clear plastic bags as you go through security. It is worth taking some extra bags as sometimes they are limited to one per customer and you may even be charged to buy a plastic bag. It is worth checking the airline website or app first for any specifics on this so that you are well prepared. Packing your liquids beforehand will take the stress off trying to do it all at the airport.

To the Left

To avoid the dreaded long lines at security, go in the left-hand lanes rather than the right. Scientists have proven that right-handed people tend to via towards the right lane of security so ignoring your instinct and turning left instead of right will save time queuing. 

Never Lose your Juice

We all like to make use of our electronic items, even if it is just a phone, so bringing along a power bank will put your mind at ease that your battery won’t drain in the middle of your flight. If you want to be the most popular person at the airport take a multi-plug adapter with you and let others use it as well when you are sitting in the airport.

Tiny is Top 

If you are flying first class try to keep hold of any travel toiletries you don’t use up, on the plane as well as your hotel as they are great for hand luggage when checking in for your next holiday as they are normally under 100ml. This will save you buying minis for your next trip and is less wasteful.

Now you know the tricks of the trade you are more than prepared for your next holiday, so get booking!