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There’s nothing worse than suffering from winter blues. It’s raining, it’s cold and the warm fuzzy feeling of Christmas has long gone. But what if we told you there are destinations where you can still find sun, sand and luxury resorts?


Antigua is the archetypal sun-drenched Caribbean island with glorious weather all-year round. Just 14 miles from tip to toe, the island’s circumference is ringed by soft, golden beaches – 365 to be precise, one for every day of the year, a fact the charming locals are proud to promote. Leave the sands behind, however, and you will find an island bursting with history and culture. You see it in its colourful villages, in old lookouts and dockyards, where yachts elegantly glide over crystalline waters teeming with marine life.


Temperature: January is, in-fact, the coldest month of the year, but it still averages a gorgeous 25°C, far better than the cold wind and rain back home.

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Once the bastion of the rich and famous, the diversification in recent years has made Barbados a much more accessible destination for every type of traveller. We love Barbados, even more so when it provides a welcome sun-soaked escape from the miserable January weather. Its turquoise bays and incredible beaches are just part of the allure. Travel a little inland from the luxury hotel-laden west-coast and you will discover a vibrant culture, lush gardens and historic buildings like the St. Nicholas Abbey.


Temperature: Not only is January traditionally a quieter month, the weather still reaches an average of 26°C, making it a perfect cure to your winter blues.

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Light, warm and vibrant, Cancun is the magic of Mexico bundled into a singular attractive destination. Not only is Cancun a haven of all-inclusive hotels and warm weather, it is rich in Mayan history and culture. The area caters to many tastes. Escape to the famous beaches for quiet siesta, or hit the party scene for a fun night out, explore the national park just a short trip away, or enjoy a soak in the Caribbean Sea.


Temperature: Cancun is light and warm during January, with an average temperature of 23°C.

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The birthplace of Aphrodite, Cyprus is every bit the winter-sun destination you hoped it would be. Paired with the all-inclusive hotels, gorgeous weather and golden sandy beaches are the ancient sights, the terracotta houses and stunning mountainscapes.


The traditional town of Paphos is the best-known of Cyprus’ resort destinations, full of historic hotspots and its famous old town. Elsewhere, Pissouri and Limassol are growing in popularity for their equally gorgeous scenery and accessibility for visitors of all backgrounds, whether you’re on a honeymoon or making the most of a family trip.


Temperature: Cyprus catches some of the Mediterranean’s best weather. January is a wetter month, but it’s also still around 17ºC with a refreshing breeze at night.

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There is no bad time to visit the Maldives, particularly when you’re faced with cold weather at home. Made up of 26 sandy coral atolls and incomparable translucent waters, the Maldives make for the perfect winter escape. Every resort is on its own private island and the standard is at the highest level, with overwater rooms and excellent dining facilities. You can enjoy some of the finest diving and snorkelling experiences in the world in the Maldives, as the waters are rich in sea life and colourful corals. Whether you’re travelling as a family, or as a couple seeking adult-only peace, the Maldives has plenty of options available.


Temperature: The Maldives benefits from wonderful weather all year-round. There’s a beautifully mild climate in January and rainfall is low. Even still, the temperatures average around 27ºC during the day and drop slightly to 25ºC at night.

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Sat just off the mainland of Thailand, Phuket is a tropical island paradise that is known for its sun-bleached beaches, thriving nightlife and cultural scenery. The diversity of things to see, do, or not do is what makes Phuket such an attractive destination. If an intravenous supply of cocktails and sun is your priority, the beach scene and luxury hideaway resorts are mainly concentrated around the southern and western coasts. Phuket old town is a must visit too, an intriguing blend of restored Sino-Portuguese architecture and busy streets.


Temperature: January is a fresh month, far away from the rainy season. Expect temperatures averaging 27°C.

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Santa may have packed his bags and moved to the Maldives after a busy Christmas, but there’s more to Lapland than elves and presents. January is one of the most evocative months in the calendar, when the snow-capped mountains, frozen lakes and still wilderness are at their most magical. This rugged, vast landscape is ripe for exploration, by skiing, snowmobile or reindeer sleigh rides. Stop for a moment though and the silence is a refreshing antidote for your post-Christmas stress. Perhaps the most attractive pull of Lapland is its excellent views of the Northern Lights and January is a great month for visibility.


Temperature: Let’s not kid ourselves, it’s going to be cold. The weather averages about -9°C, so when out exploring, you need to be wrapped in furs. Sat by the fire at your hotel with a hot chocolate will make you revaluate the term ‘cosy.’

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