It can be easy to view the Caribbean as a big collection of islands with roughly the same cultures and traditions- and you'd be kind of on the right track. However, each island has its own history, geography, and proud population that you need to understand before selecting where to go.We've given a brief overview of the six most popular islands in the region so that you can learn a little more about each before making your decision. 




Walkin’ on the beaches, lookin’ at the…erm…beaches? For some of the best beaches in the Caribbean, you have to head to the South and West sides of the Island where you’ll also find some wonderful food shacks and a range of snorkelling activities. Carlisle Bay is where you’ll find the best hotels and villas, but Shark Hole is a lovely little beach with a quieter vibe. For the most authentic Barbadian experience, though, head over to the East, where you’ll find Cattlewash Beach, a less picturesque but just as charming spot, which locals seek out for long walks and quiet, local restaurants. No trip to Barbados is complete without an evening visit to Oistin’s Friday Night Fish Fry, where you can try some serious Caribbean soul food. 



Saint Lucia


Come for the award-winning resorts, stay for the natural splendour. The Pitons (Petit and Gros) are probably the most iconic landmark here. They’re the two jagged, volcanic spears of rock that rise from the ocean like a pair of mossy, prehistoric shark fins. They’re beautiful, and reveal just a glimpse of what you can discover here. Take a tour Pigeon Island National Park, where you can hike up Signal Peak for sweeping views of both the Atlantic and Caribbean sides of the island. Visit Diamond Falls Botanical Gardens for an unspoilt Eden-like sanctuary, before strolling over to Orlando’s, where the knowledgeable chef curates the ultimate Caribbean foodie experience.



Antigua and Barbuda


Some say that there’s a beach for every day of the year here, so for a beach break, you couldn’t find a more suitable location. Despite this vast superfluity of sand, there’s only one that interests us, and that’s 17-Mile Beach. Perfectly pristine pink sand beaches, not a tourist in sight, and clear calm waters. Antigua and Barbuda is home to some of our most popular resorts in the Caribbean, with Curtain Bluff and Jumby Bay Island to name a couple, and it feels like this is one of the top picks for a romantic resort-based getaway.  



Dominican Republic


If you’re seeking out a Caribbean golfing holiday, look no further. Casa de Campo’s Teeth of the Dog is ranked as the best course in the Caribbean with its coastal fairways and challenging elevation ranges. Corales Golf Club is the first course in the country to host a PGA Tour event and Hard Rock Club Cana Bay was designed by none other than Jack Nicklaus. Santo Domingo is perhaps one of the most iconic capitals in the Caribbean, with its rich history of piracy and pillaging and, more recently, a population who love to party. This city is proud of its vast cultural heritage while still building an exciting future on an island that'll soon be topping 'hidden gem' lists for years to come. 






Foodies, assemble! For the truest taste of the Caribbean, visit Grenada, exporter of 40% of the World’s nutmeg and home to some of the coolest culinary experiences we’ve seen. There’s River Antoine Estate Rum Distillery, where you can try almost 70% abv rum and learn about how rum was produced over 200 years ago. Sweeter tastes can be found in the capital of St. George’s, at the impressive House of Chocolate, which serves up a selection of chocolatey treats while educating on cocoa production. If food isn’t on your mind (if not, what is?!) then Grenada also celebrates an impressive underwater sculpture park and plenty of beautiful beaches.  





Reggae, Bob Marley, Red Stripe, Jerk sauce, Usain Bolt, Rastafari, Patois, Blue Mountain coffee, and rum. Don't forget the year-round sun and beautiful, warm-hearted population. If you want to explore one of the most culturally significant islands on the planet, then look no further. We have some world-class resorts here such as Jamaica Inn and Zoetry Montego Bay where you can enjoy amazing all inclusive packages and so much more. Our concierge team can advise on the safest way to experience the best of this remarkable island.


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