Vicki says 'Choose Dubai - it gives you the ultimate luxury and indulgence. Time to relax and enjoy yourself - whatever your personal holiday needs'

Working for Destinology since 2012, Vicki has been in the travel industry since she was 16 – it is her life-long passion and Dubai has been her product specialism for over 10 years. Vicki decides which hotels are offered in Dubai, using her knowledge and experience to ensure they are the very best the city has to offer. 


Unsurprisingly, Dubai is her personal favourite destination for a holiday with her 7-year-old twins) and extended family and friends. But she is constantly looking for new products and experiences for her Destinology clients.


'I need my yearly Dubai fix. The weather is guaranteed, the flights are direct, from every regional airport, and from start to finish you are ensured rest and relaxation – even with kids! In my opinion, peace of mind is the ultimate luxury'

Vicki’s Top 5 Reasons to Visit Dubai

Attention to Detail

'We all deserve the very best friendly and personal service - from arrival to departure - and every minute in between'


 After a long flight (7+hrs), its essential to have a warm welcome to make you comfortable, an easy, swift check-in, and room transfer. This is always the situation in Dubai - they really know how to take away the stress and strain of travel, and your flight is forgotten in moments.


'Everyone, you come into contact with, will remember your name and who you are on holiday with - there is always special attention to children. They quickly learn your likes and dislikes for the next time you meet. This service and attention to detail makes you feel un-burdened from daily life. It appears decisions are made for you, additional care for your children appears like magic and you are left without a care in the world'


Dubai is the perfect location to really relax. Someone else takes responsibility for your happiness.

Dining - Decisions, Decisions, Decisions

'I open my eyes and know the day is going to be perfect. The brilliant breakfast is our ideal start!'


Vicki is known at Destinology for her breakfast particulars!


'I like my eggs to be close to the toast, and the butter has to be at room temperature so you can butter your toast with ease. In Dubai they go one step further and if they see the problem they will butter your toast for you.'


We can all be fussy about food, but the Dubai Resorts ensure there is a food option for everyone. Included are up to 40 different restaurants which offer dishes and flavours from around the world. Staying within the complex and having such choice of venue and cuisine is a luxury – one of effortlessness – the perfect word for the perfect holiday.


Chefs are engaging, willing to discuss one to one options and make recommendations - in Vicki’s case persuading her daughter to replace her regular Coco Pops with Mango a delicious alternative. Time for Vicki to enjoy her perfectly buttered toast!

Spas and Kids Clubs – A Match Made in Heaven!

'I open my eyes and know the day is going to be perfect! The brilliant breakfast is my ideal start'


Start your holiday with luxury and indulgence in mind - and plan your treats.


Vicky's suggests:

'Visit the spa early during your stay and book your treatments. Start with a detox and renew treatment, followed by a rebalance and soothing hot stone experience, relax and calm massage and finish with a energize and uplift body scrub and facial. Whilst you relax, your children can spend time at the kids' club where it is guaranteed they will have a great time and make new friends. The hotels in Dubai understand that kids ‘just want to have fun’ and offer excitement and amusement for all ages. Let them enjoy beach games, water and land sports, pools, chill out zones, pizza making and creativity without you hanging around and spoiling their Gucci'


At the end of the day when they are excited to tell their holiday tales you will be relaxed and ready. Perfect – luxury for every family member.

Shopping – Tailor-Made

'If you want something tailor-made, special or unique, then Dubai is THE place to shop'


Who doesn't love diamonds? Visit the Gold & Diamond Park for dazzling jewellery craftsmanship. A spectacular destination deserves a glistening memento. There are 90 retailers, and you can design, choose individual precious stones and experience artisans at work. Buying jewellery in Dubai is a fraction of the cost in the UK.


With unique shopping in mind you can also collaborate with dress designers, parfumiers, rug makers, and of course tailors.


If you love, love, love to shop then Dubai Mall should be your first stop. Open until very late, there are over 1,300 retail outlets within the 5.9 million sq. ft. of space. Shop at Bloomingdales, Galeries Lafayette and designer shops that include Valentino, Cartier, Louboutin and Chanel.

All in One Place

Choose your holiday venue wisely and you will have access to restaurants, shopping, dining and entertainment – everything you need is at your fingertips.

'Once you reach Dubai, everything is in one place. If you don't want to, you need never even leave your resort!'


Choose your holiday venue wisely and you will have access to restaurants, shopping, dining and entertainment – everything you need is at your fingertips.


'One of the luxuries and indulgences I find Dubai offers, is TIME. I find time to relax, time to have fun, and time to be together with my family and friends'

If you want to leave day to day behind and indulge yourself – Dubai may well be the answer.

Take time to relax and enjoy your family and friends.