Soller comprises an old and a new town and public transport between the two (about 5km) linked by a vintage tram system. There is a train that takes over to get you all the way to Palma, a pleasant alternative to driving.

The Bay

Full of street restaurants and cafes with their tables spilling out onto stylishly paved terraces, this is the place to sit, eat, drink and watch the yachts bob on the sea.


The most prestigious hotel must be Jumeirah Port Soller which celebrates its 5th birthday this year. Aside from a superb spa, two pools and a great selection of bars and restaurants there are fabulous experiences on offer; let’s look at three of them…….

Cabrera National Park

Try a day trip to Cabrera National Park with its sea caves, pristine landscapes and historic sights – in the summer there are snorkelling opportunities off the renowned Sa Cova Blava.

Astonishing Birdwatching

If you have an interest in birds then you won’t want to miss touring the northern coast, now a UNESCO heritage site where you can become familiar with the endangered black vulture – the largest bird in Europe, the Griffon vulture, Egyptian vulture, osprey, black kite, red kite, Bonelli’s eagle, booted eagle, peregrine falcon and more.

Walk and Wine

A half-day spent on Port Soller’s Cami des Correus wine trail will be time well spent. A minibus will take you to the village of Esporias, then a medieval walk takes you along about 8.5km of ever-changing landscapes, rich in historical and stunningly beautiful scenery. In the heart of Banyalfufar, you can sit back, relax with red and white wines and ‘pa amb oli’.

Events in Port de Soller

If you’re looking to visit in May you may be lucky enough to catch the Fira & Firo event which features a bizarre mock battle between invading pirates and the law-abiding folk of Soller. Colourful costumes, a raucous atmosphere and jolly ambience ensure a good time washed down with Soller orange juice – or maybe something stronger! On 23rd June the feast of Saint Joan and on 29th June the feast of Sant Pere are celebrated; both are huge festivals with music, food and dancing, well worth a visit. If you enjoy your boats then make 15th August a date in your diary as a parade of boats in the bay celebrates The Lady of Carmen’s festival.

This interesting little town has much to offer the visitor at any time of year. An understated little gem in Mallorca.


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