Husband and wife Instagram and blogging team Simon and Clemmie Hooper (@father_of_daughters and @mother_of_daughters) have now returned with their four girls from the stunning Martinhal Sagres Beach Family Resort in Algarve, Portugal. So what did they think of their first ever Destinology experience?

At Martinhal Sagres, Simon, Clemmie and their four adventurous children found plenty of fun to be had. Most importantly they found that Martinhal allowed them to be a family and enjoy time together in an understanding and superbly-equipped environment.

These are the main reasons why our family found this holiday successful – in no particular order!

  • Martinhal supply swim nappies
  • Destinology booked the kids’ club in advance, a great help
  • They do supervised water fights
  • Martinhal provide doggie bags for booze – perfect for parents who have to leave a bar in a hurry!
  • You can get surf lessons on the beach which are great for building confidence in the water and, of course, tremendous fun
  • Wide open beaches and good breezes perfect for kite flying
  • Large accommodations that make you feel at home with plenty of space to do your own thing
  • A place where you won’t be judged for having a toddler who may act like a toddler, especially when in a high chair!
  • Staff who understand and offer to take photos when they see you struggling. It’s all an attitude thing which you rarely find
  • Perfect combination of warm with a nice breeze and safe water or pools to cool down in
  • A place where the kids are likely to make friends
  • It’s a holiday for parents too, so a good babysitting service and a spa are always a plus
  • A play area that’s adventurous. You haven’t flown hundreds of miles to find a your local park

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