Wine & Gastronomy
Far East
Jan - Dec

The way to the soul of a country is through its food, and surely nowhere so true of Thailand. Here the fragrant tastes of lemongrass, spices, tender meat, freshest seafood and inspiring vegetarian food is not only accessible but opens up the culture and allows you to meet the people. Travel from the street stall of Bangkok, share meals with a hill tribe and gourmet tastes by the sea. On the way see Thailand’s impressive temples, golden beaches, green jungle and wildlife, perfect for first timers and those wanting a second serving.

At a Glance

  • Street food and markets with private guides
  • The full variety of Thai cuisine
  • Cooking class with TV chef in Chiang Mai
  • Bangkok, Sukhothai and the north
  • Golden Triangle elephant camp

Create your personal perfection

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  • Design around you
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