Combine two or more resorts to see & do more on your holiday
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multi-centre holidays

Multiply your options and your holiday may add-up to more than you imagine – we’ll do the maths for you!

Try splitting your journey with an interesting stopover, divide your time between two similar or contrasting places or maybe top and tail your main destination with a flavour or somewhere new. We can find the best routes, recommend places and modes of transport you may never have considered. This is what turns a holiday into a personal, unique adventure.

Complementary combinations

We love to mix it up for you. The random, can become possible in the pick & mix world, that is your Destinology.

Discover something new

At Destinology we take the time to find out more about you. Luxury travel inspires us like nothing else and we love nothing more than finding out your inner-most needs, want’s and desires and peicing together your perfect holiday escape - you never know, we may just suprise you.

Your personal travel consultant

With you from holiday idea’s to returning home

Holidays tailored just for you

Every detail based on your tastes & desires

Do more without the hassle

Fit more in and let us take care of the details

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