There are certain resorts across Asia that lie mere moments away from some truly remarkable temple treasures. From Java in Indonesia, to Cambodia and Vietnam, below we have picked three of our favourites. Book at stay at any of these beautiful hotels, and spiritual and mystical moments await your discovery.


We have travelled extensively throughout Asia here at Destinology, but our moments spent at Borobadur, in Java, Indonesia, are some of our most treasured. Watching dawn creep up, the landscape carpeted in atmospheric mists, and the ancient temple emerging into the warm sunlight. A truly incredible experience. In the distance, volcanoes and lush green paddyfields as far as the eye can see. Bells gently tinkling, and the sound of monks on a terrace below starting their morning salutations. This is the largest Buddhist religious complex in the world, and it really will wow and amaze.


There is only one resort that we’d recommend basing yourself at during your explorations of Borobadur, and you’d better prepare yourself for some serious wow factor. Welcome to Amanjiwo. To say that this resort is stunning is an understatement. Located in one of the most scenic parts of the country, Amanjiwo will amaze as soon as you catch sight of it on your scenic journey from the airport. Overlooking Borobudur, this rural heartland rests within a natural amphitheatre with the Menoreh Hills rising behind and four volcanoes gracing the horizon. One of the finest offerings at Amanjiwo are their guides, all of whom who are native to this part of Java, and whose knowledge is unsurpassed. Every element of this property has been sensitively created to maintain a magical aura that encourages guests to explore the fascination culture of Java and its people. Your comfort is assured in breath-taking suites that declare originality in every aspect, bedrooms are dominated by huge centrally located beds surrounded by four floor to ceiling pillars and vast bathrooms feature sunken tubs in a walled garden. 

Angkor Wat

A holiday to Cambodia promises a raft of magical experiences like no other. Perfectly positioned between Vietnam and Thailand, this is a land of mystical sights, and life affirming encounters. Having emerged from its turbulent history, today’s Cambodia now embraces its visitors with the widest smiles and a genuine wish to share its fascinating culture. It is only in Cambodia where you can witness the wonders of the temples of Angkor, many of which remain shrouded in centuries old jungle. Awake to sunrise over the vast waterlily moats of Angkor Wat, as the huge temple emerges from the morning mist. Wander through the peaceful ruins as the light and shade of the day dapples their green stones, the only sound that of the monks chanting in the distant monastery drifting through the trees. To say that this is a magical place is to merely hint at what awaits.


Siem Reap is also home to one of our favourite resorts in the world; the incredible Amansara. Situated just 10 minutes from the foreboding entrance to the awe-inspiring temple complex, Amansara is an award winning boutique resort steeped in history and tranquillity. The hotel has been meticulously returned to its former charm and sleek, earthly design by using old photographs and local knowledge. Each elegant suite has its own slice of intimate privacy and the on-site spa will keep you refreshed for a day of exhilarating exploration.

Ancient Vietnam

On the central coast of Vietnam, you will find a world of ancient tombs and temples, and crumbling and atmospheric pagodas. This is a place to wander. Explore mossy and magical spaces, all alone, as rainwater droplets echo, taking you back in time. This is a spiritual and magical place. Hue is a UNESCO World Heritage site, and this bestows an understandable gravity to this part of Vietnam. Formerly the capital of the illustrious Nguyen emperors, Hue and her neighbouring towns of Hoi An and Danang all still echo glories past. Outside of the citadel walls, the Perfume River winds its way lazily down the land, offering the opportunity for captivating and beautiful explorations.


Whilst exploring these jewels of Vietnamese history, base yourself at the cool and contemporary haven that is The Nam Hai. Along a seemingly infinite stretch of sand, amidst Vietnam’s richest cultural heritage, a strand of sophisticated, visually striking villas lines the dramatic beachfront. Inspired by 2,500 years of history, The Nam Hai’s architecture and interior design present a dramatic play on wind and water inspired by ancient feng shui philosophy and the grandeur of the Tu Duc royal tombs of Hue.


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