Where To Travel in August

"Maybe the best moment of your life will be your next adventure"

August is a very popular time of the year for a summer break, but along with this comes more crowds and in many places intense heat. We offer you some alternative destinations for August including Cambodia, the Caribbean and the Peloponnese.


Where To Travel In August?

Split, Croatia

Whilst commonly Dubrovnik is the main pull for Croatia, we would happily debate that Split is equally as interesting with arguably more to do and more to learn about! Set on the Dalmatian Coast, it is well-known for its beaches and its fortress-like centre. The long Venetian ruling over the city is evident via the stunning architecture everywhere you look. The are many cultural and historic places of interest such as Diocletian's Palace which is a UNESCO World Heritage Site. Whilst August is hot, due to Split being a port city there is a cooling sea breeze and there is easy access to the Croatian islands of Hvar, Brac and Bol.


Where To Travel In August?

Tanzania, Africa

If you want to combine a beach and safari holiday, Tanzania could be the summer destination for you. It has Kilimanjaro, game parks packed with wildlife and some stunning beaches and blue seas. August is a fantastic time to visit as it is the end of the rainy season and there is no stifling heat! For the best beaches choose Zanzibar and Spice Islands for their tropical turquoise sea and golden sands. For safari parks, both Rhuha and Selous are two of the countries largest game parks filled with wildlife. Check out our hotels and safari options in Tanzania for a fantastic August adventure.


Where To Travel In August?

Newfoundland, Canada

The months of July and August are a fantastic time to visit Newfoundland because this is the best time to spot the humpback whales. Unlike many areas the summer is peaceful and calm here, it is a comfortable temperature, with rolling green hills, small-town charm and friendly inhabitants. At this time of year between five to ten thousand humpbacks arrive along with 21 other species of whales and dolphins and around 35 million seabirds. We offer a variety Tailor Made Holidays where you can see the whales up close and personal.


Where To Travel In August?

Alaska Small Ship Cruises

August is a fantastic time to go on a small cruise expedition in Alaska for a number of reasons. The daylight hours are long during August, so there is plenty of time to go exploring and there is lots of wildlife on land and sea. The glaciers look particularly stunning at this time of the year as the late summer sun glistens off them. Smaller cruise ships are able to get to areas larger ones cannot, so you can get up close and personal with nature and wildlife in Alaska. There is also a chance of seeing the Northern Lights here if you stay up late one evening. We offer a variety of cruise adventures to Alaska and you can speak to one of our cruise experts today and have your very own Alaskan holiday.


Where To Travel In August?

Costa Navarino, The Peloponnese

For a fantastic family destination in August, Costa Navarino in the Greek Peloponnese is our choice. Now that Easyjet has launched their all new Manchester - Kalamata flights which will be twice weekly on Tuesday and Saturdays from June 15th. The Westin Resort is a great family destination with lots to see and do. Charmingly, the resort itself is set out like a Greek Village. The area has three UNESCO World Heritage Sites, is home to the tasty Kalamata olive and the area is full of culture and history. The area itself is unspoilt, relaxed and an almost secret Greek paradise.


Where To Travel In August?

The Caribbean & Mexico

Although traditionally viewed as the hurricane season, August brings mostly calm seas with fantastic visibility. There are also fewer tourists and a more relaxed atmosphere than high season. The Riviera Maya is a perfect place to swim and snorkel and glimpse a whale shark or two. But, we would recommend travel insurance to be on the safe side.


Where To Travel In August?

Cambodia & Angkor Wat

Although August officially forms part of Cambodia's green season and it rains typically two days out of three, the mornings tend to be sunny and bright. The rain clouds usually arrive around the late afternoon, so if you can get up early then you can make the most of the paddies, culture and places of interest, which are normally hot and crowded, but not at this time of year. 


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