Birthplace of human life and safari capital of the world, Africa is a continent just begging to be explored. Encounter wild animals in the untouched wilderness, journey to pristine beaches and coastal islands, and immerse yourself in ancient traditions. A luxury holiday to Africa will transport you to another world.

From safari on the plains of the Serengeti to fine dining in the heart of Cape Town, a luxury holiday to Africa is filled with the promise of adventure. An iconic wildlife experience can be had in Botswana, a network of national parks and game reserves where you can spot the Big five, travel over salt pans and river deltas, and camp out under the stars. Kenya’s wildlife credentials are also impressive – but there’s more to this nation than vast plains and migrating wildebeest.

Uncover the history of the indigenous Masai and Swahili tribes, laze by the Indian Ocean on the spice island of Zanzibar, and marvel at the ancient landscapes of the Great Rift Valley. In Rwanda, the lush jungles hide mountain gorillas and ancient volcanoes, while the capital Kigali provides a fascinating window into the nation’s troubled past. For the ultimate beach getaway, make for the palm-fringed coastline of Mozambique. Idyllic white sand beaches, calm turquoise waters, and abundant marine life combine with a rich cultural scene and centuries-old traditions. Take a holiday to South Africa and you’ll discover modern metropolises, formidable landscapes, and an inspiring blend of peoples, cultures and cuisines.

When To Visit

Africa is a continent that can offer up life-changing experiences no matter when you visit. Around the continent the weather differs from month to month, which means you can tailor your destination to your dream itinerary - whether it involves lazing on a white sandy beach or enjoying a luxury safari.

The most northerly areas of Africa are coolest between November and March. In East Africa, the dry season typically occurs between June and September. In Southern Africa, June to September (winter) is the best period for wildlife.

Food & Drink

A luxury holiday to Africa promises great variety when it comes to food and drink. Wherever you travel, even on safari, you can sample exquisite dishes from around the globe. In the south, the cuisine is inspired by European and Asian traditions, and is particularly famous for its barbecued meat.

In the north, Arab influences have made slow-cooked meat, couscous and cinnamon three staple ingredients. Elsewhere beans, rice and and hot peppers reign supreme. As for the drinks? Expect world-class wines, aromatic spiced coffee and fresh fruit juices.

Passport & Visas

Not all African countries require a holiday visa. However, you should check the entry requirements of your destination at GOV.UK before booking. During your holiday, carry identification with you at all times and keep a photocopy of your passport.