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Welcome to the land of remote fairytale villages, onion-domed spires, and grand imperial cities. Your adventure awaits.

Guide to Luxury Holidays in Russia

Russia is a land of vast geographical distances and fascinating cultural differences. From snow-capped ski mountains to subtropical beaches, grand imperial cities to beautiful countryside villages, epic train rides to romantic cruises, the options for how and where you spend your luxury holiday are endless. St Petersburg is one of Russia’s beloved cities. Peter the Great initially created the city to showcase Russia’s power and wealth to the world. As such, St Petersburg is home to cultural treasures, artistic masterpieces, as well as fabulous palaces and cathedrals, and nowhere typifies this more than the world-famous Hermitage Museum, once the Winter Palace of the Tsar. Enjoy the celebrated ballet or opera performances at the Marlinsky Theatre, explore the many palaces, or spend your days wandering the canals in a city known as the 'Venice of the North'. A wonderful starting point for a cruise adventure, St. Petersburg is the perfect introduction to the history and magic of Russia. Travel southeast from St Petersburg and you’ll soon reach Russia’s cosmopolitan capital – Moscow. The Kremlin and Red Square serve as the heart of Moscow and arguably the entire country. As such, it makes a natural place to kick off a tour of this impressive city. Wander through this ancient fortress, admire onion-domed St Basil Cathedral, and learn about Russia’s political history.

Russia is the ideal destination for a luxury holiday at any time of year. In winter, temperatures get pretty chilly, as low as -14°C. That's your perfect excuse to don a snug fur hat, relax in a Russian bathhouse, or warm up with some premium vodka, and admire the magical snow-strewn landscape. Spring and summer are also a great time to visit as temperatures can reach a pleasant 23°C. Located in the far North, the sun never sets in St Petersburg and you can witness the unique “white night” phenomenon.
For your holiday you may require a visa to travel to Russia and will need to visit the visa application centre in person to apply. For UK and EU citizens, the visa process is relatively straightforward and quick. Learn more information from GOV.UK.
Russian cuisine is the perfect mixture of European, Central Asian, Eastern Asian, and Siberian influences. Moscow and St Petersburg are home to some of the country’s best restaurants. Admire the view of St Petersburg's St Isaac’s Square while you dine on French-inspired dishes or enjoy an afternoon tea featuring rich blini pancakes. After your meal, listen to live music and sample the nation’s favourite drinks – ice cold vodka. Premium vodka is the perfect way to stay warm on chilly nights or refresh the palate after a luxury meal.

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