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Vietnam is a land brimming over with culture and history. A world of lush green mountains, illuminous paddy fields as far as the eye can see, and architecture to take your breath away. From single city stays, to wider explorations taking in a few key places, Vietnam rewards all visitors, on all manner of itineraries. The wonder that awaits in Vietnam is simply due to the sheer range of experiences and sights that it can offer the modern traveller. From the wonderful chaos of bicycle crammed Hanoi, with its unique cuisine and incredible street-side food, to the calm, cobbled lanes of Hoi An, all things are possible here. This is a country where romance, energy and charm are all woven deep. On the coast, strings of emerald green islands dot the sea, waiting for adventures in atmospheric and luxurious junk boats. Further south, caramel beaches stretch into the distance, fringed with stunning modern luxurious 5 star resorts. It’s time to relax and switch off. Return to the city and witness all of life pass you by in a colourful blur that is uniquely Vietnamese. Dine on some of the most phenomenal food in all of South East Asia, from duck samosas in Hanoi (in an candlelit old French colonial mansion), to delicious fresh water delicacies in the south, caught in nets that morning in the Mekong Delta.

Everywhere you travel, you’ll learn more about the history of this fascinating country, from the tales of Confucius in the north, to the heady history of Ho Chi Minh (formerley Saigon) in the south, and all things in between. It is intrinsic within the people of Vietnam to share their passion with visitors to their country. You’ll be offered everything from delicious steaming bowls of Vietnamese pho beef noodles to free cyclo rides around the crumbling old French quarter of Hanoi to sobering stories of war time. One thing is sure when you holiday in Vietnam; you’ll return with a raft of fantastic life experiences, tastes, sights and stories. Your only question will be why you didn’t come here sooner.

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