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Just over 500 years ago, the teardrop of India was linked to its subcontinental neighbour by a land bridge, the remnants of which are still visible today in Sri Lanka’s exotic flora, fauna and certain aspects of its culture, but this vibrant island maintains its own very distinctive identity and ambiance.

For us, Sri Lanka’s great appeal comes from its wonderful diversity. Pristine beaches, tropical weather, spectacular wildlife, natural wonders, colonial architecture, ancient architecture, frequent feasts and festivals, exquisite cuisine and, of course, truly luxurious resorts all pose compelling enough reasons to visit on their own, but when combined, what you have is a destination that’s nothing short of irresistible – what you have is Sri Lanka.

The ancient city of Sigiriya is an absolute must-see and offers not only an insight into Sri Lanka’s history but also provides you with some of the most captivating views of the whole island. Further south, in the lower reaches of the Central Highlands, the majestic mountain of Adam’s Peak provides equally breath-taking vistas of the country’s plush, green interior.

Popular with families, honeymooners and prospective brides and grooms seeking a magical marriage destination, the island once known as Ceylon continues to draw an eclectic demographic, many of whom find that with so much to see, just one visit isn’t nearly enough. It can appear deceptively small on a map because of its proximity to the massive country of India, but when you consider that Sri Lanka is actually twice the size of Belgium, it may be worth giving yourself a few extra days to explore its long list of attractions.

Exciting full moon festivals, elephant rides, jungle treks, tea plantation tours, hilltop temples, lazy beach days, aromatic and bustling markets – with your appetite for adventure and our travel planning expertise, a Sri Lankan holiday is a collection of countless potential happy memories just waiting to be made.

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