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Oman is the oldest independent state in the Arab world. Filled with ancient ruins, medieval castles, stunning expanses of palm tree plains and mountainous terrain, the whole country looks like something that Hollywood film directors spend millions of dollars trying to recreate. Oman is the quintessential Arabian experience that every avid traveller dreams of.

The gated capital city of Muscat sits on the coast overlooking the entrance to the Gulf of Persia, where it has served as an important strategic hub for Middle East trade and imperial conquests through the centuries. Muscat is a city where the past, present and future stand side by side, instilling an inspiring sense of appreciation for human progress and achievement.

The present and future of Oman is filled with luxurious world class resorts, which continue to attract an increasing number of families, couples and inquisitive explorers with a passion for discovering the unknown. Muscat truly has one of the most beautiful landscapes of any city in the world. Its resorts are elegantly draped in Arabian opulence, seamlessly combining with their blend of contemporary and traditional architecture, complemented by oceanic and rugged mountain views.

Further north, separated by the UAE, is the Omani exclave of the Musandam Peninsula, where one of our favourite resorts, the phenomenal Six Senses Zighy Bay, resides. Here you can paraglide from the top of a mountain to check in to a one-of-a-kind hotel – a rustic collection of villas with timeless style and effortless chic, presenting the opportunity for dhow boat cruises, rock climbing, archery, snorkelling and whole host of activities to set pulses racing.

Its relatively recent emergence on the next-level luxury scene means that Oman is free of the tack and tourist traps that longer-serving destinations suffer from. It maintains its original soul and character with an ambient air of other-worldly authenticity, and once you’ve watched the Arabian sun as it sets behind the Al Hajar Mountains, you’ll know exactly what we mean – Oman is a destination that feels more like a dream.



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