Guide to Luxury Holidays in French Polynesia

Composing of over 100 islands and stretching for over 1000 miles within the vast Pacific, the French Polynesian islands typify paradise. Almost every island is wrapped by white-sand beaches and protected by coral reefs, which create tranquil lagoons ideal for swimming or snorkelling. A luxury holiday in French Polynesia is the perfect destination for a romantic or family-friendly luxury holiday.

Tahiti is the main hub of the French Polynesian islands and is where the heart of the nation resides. Explore its energetic capital Pape'ete, and visit the national museums, shop in the bustling marketplaces, and stroll through manicured parks and gardens. Then venture further afield, to the islands’ famed waterfalls, its beautiful black and white-sand beaches, and sheltered blue lagoons. A short drive from the capital, you can visit Marae Nuutere, one of several mystical archeological sites on the island. Hop on a chartered flight to the divine island of Mo’orea.

Within striking distance of Tahiti, Mo’orea is easily accessible and offers a wide range of tropical luxury holiday activities. Learn how to kitesurf on peaceful waters or go on a whale or dolphin watching tour. Spend your days soaking up the sunshine on white-sand beaches that frame turquoise-blue lagoons. On Mo’orea, you can escape from the hustle-and-bustle of modern life.

Travel southeast and you’ll reach the jewel of the French Polynesian islands – Bora Bora. With aquamarine, indigo, and sapphire blue seas, secluded islets of sugary sand, and soaring ballistic peaks, this is a place of pure tropical fantasy. Known internationally for its romantic charms, Bora Bora is an idyllic destination to spend your honeymoon or celebrate your relationship.

The French Polynesian islands are close to the equator so they're a fantastic luxury holiday destination year round. Temperatures remain around 28 degrees Celsius throughout the year.

During the summer months (March to April) temperatures can reach highs of 30 degrees Celsius while temperatures during winter months (July to August) can dip to 27 degrees Celsius. The slightly colder months are often a pleasant time to visit as trade winds help to keep heat and humidity low, whilst the warmer summer months offer fantastic tropical weather.

UK and many EU citizens can stay in the French Polynesian islands for up to three months without a visa. For more information about visas and general travel advice visit GOV.UK.

Unsurprisingly, French Polynesian food incorporates French influences into traditional Tahitian or ma'a Tahiti dishes.

Most menus feature classic French dishes like duck with orange sauce as well as Tahitian meals like possion cru, a traditional salad of fresh tuna or mahimahi marinated in lime juice and coconut. Also make sure to try the unique saumon des dieux or “fish of the gods” Tropical cocktails are also a favourite.

Sip your pina colada or tequila sunrise while you admire the fiery sunset or peaceful views over the lagoon.

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