Learn to serve like a Wimbledon champion, cook like a Michelin starred chef and sled in inclement weather. With our eclectic mix of luxury resorts, not only can you relax, you learn a new skill in a fun and friendly environment.

1. Learn to Cook on a Cruise

There are so many things you can enjoy aboard a cruise, the food for one...but many cruise lines offer that something extra for those that want to learn a new skill whilst on the water. 


Oceania's two cruise ships, Riviera and Marina both offer custom designed cooking schools at sea. The school is called The Culinary Centre, where guests learn to prepare a range of dishes in their fully equipped, state-of-the-art kitchens. They use master chefs to teach you and then take you on shoreside events and tours as part of the course. Here, you will learn everything from regional cuisines to how to grill on a barbecue perfectly!

2. Achieve a Solid Serve in Spain

Hotel Puente Romano features a professional tennis club in Malaga which is a clay tennis facility first run by Bjorn Borg in 1979. The tennis club hosts official tournaments, such as the ATP and Davies Cup. The resort features everything you could want on a sunshine holiday and an added benefit is this fantastic tennis facility.


Base, the tennis academy at Puente Romano not only operates programmes and activities throughout the year, but also an engaging coached tennis course for all ages. If you are looking to have a great summer break and learn tennis at the same time at a very well known and respected club, then this is the place for you. 

3. Learn To Ride The Waves in Style In Australia

What could be more exhilarating than learning to surf at the iconic Bondi Beach? If you are looking at Australia as your next trip and want to learn to surf like an Aussie pro, then check out Let's Go Surfing who offer a variety of courses and lessons.


You can choose from just one private lesson to 2-6 week courses and you can stay nearby at one of our recommended hotels in the New South Wales area. Learn in pairs, in a group or on your own. Don't worry, if you feel it might be too much for you, the courses are set at a pace that is comfortable for you, so if learning to surf is on your bucket list, get booking!

4. Learn to Mountain Bike in Morocco

If one of your New Year's resolutions is to improve your biking skills we recommend you do it in the warm climates of Morocco.


Courses include everything from setting up a bike, pulling a wheelie and there is lots of advice and top tips given along the way. There are a variety of destinations to cycle on, including the Jebel Sahro, or the Atlas Mountains. Along the way, you can even see impressive gorges, golden kasbahs, mountains and sandy beaches. Check out our luxury hotels in Morocco where you can relax in between biking.

5.  Learn To Mush Huskies in Lapland

What better skill to acquire than learning to mush huskies through the snow? Exactly! None. Sledding may even become a handy mode of transport when the UK snow causes problems on the train tracks.


There is a wide choice of companies who offer either an afternoon of learning to mush huskies, or even a whole holiday learning and travelling around the winter landscape. We offer a variety of hotels in Lapland and we can tailor make your holiday to include husky mushing, just let us know!