From tantalising quesadilla street stalls, to Michelin-starred Polanco restaurants, Mexico City’s food scene is currently thriving, providing the mouth-watering inspiration behind Fairmont Mayakoba’s unique dining experiences.

Under the watchful eye of Mexico’s answer to Gordon Ramsay, Chef Richard Sandoval, Mayakoba’s culinary team have developed a menu, too special to be ignored. We take a look at what an average day here is like for the resort’s Executive Chef, Erick de Maeyer – although each day is far from average!


Coined as the ‘Venice of the Caribbean’, Fairmont Mayakoba is blessed with a stunning 50 acres of tropical forest, interwoven by glittering waterways and perched on the beachfront. Nestled within this is the Chef’s Herb Garden, and this is one of the first duties of the day. Before the heat of the Mexican sun really kicks in, Chef de Maeyer takes care to water and nourish the future ingredients of his dishes. Herbs include peppermint, coriander and rosemary, as well as a variety of his favourite addition – chilli.


They say breakfast is the most important meal of the day, so important is exactly how Chef de Maeyer aims to make your breakfast feel, with hearty and healthy dishes, seasoned by views of lush mangroves and winding water canals. The shipshape chef spends his early hours rustling up delightful dishes to give you the best possible start to your precious holiday day – smoked salmon bagels, traditional chilaquiles and fresh berry granola all go down well on the Premium Appetite for Luxury package.


Ideal for the whole family, Chef de Maeyer invites both adults and children to join him in the hotel’s kitchen, first starting with a tour around the facility and a guide on standards and safety, before encouraging you to grab a hat and apron for yourself and get stuck in. Mixing, drizzling, slicing and dicing, you’ll help prepare a delicious lunch with the chef’s expertise in ingredients, technique and seasoning. After the hour-long class, take your work down to the restaurant to savour and devour your culinary creation.


Fancy a mid-afternoon snack? Chef de Maeyer invites you to challenge your preconceptions and step outside of your culinary comfort zone on the edible insect degustation experience! Each paired with a cool beer or local Mezcal, crunchy creepy crawlies may include diced grasshopper, leaf cutter ants and even maggots – all common in ancient Mayan cuisine! He carefully prepares hot sauces, tortillas, fruit and vegetables to team with the insects, which may help them go down just a little easier. 


Working with Ocean Leader S.A, Fairmont Mayakoba is committed to offering sustainable seafood, and supports the economic development of the local communities within the Sian Ka’an Biosphere Reserve, ensuring guests receive the best fish and seafood options. An AAA-4 Diamond menu which focuses on ocean-to-table dining, Brisas is a spectacular setting directly on the beachfront, accompanying fresh seafood dinners with stunning views and live music.


It’s not unusual for the chef to select lucky guests during their stay to treat to in-suite amenities like a bottle of fine tequila, authentic local Mezcal or even a night-time dish fashioned in-house from what he has noticed you enjoy! At the end of his day, Chef de Maeyer will often look through reviews of his work on Trip Advisor as part of his continuing drive for perfection. With an eye for the subtle things that make all the difference, Chef Erick de Maeyer ensures dining at Fairmont Mayakoba is truly unforgettable.


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