Advocates of ecotourism will know that the biggest challenge for any hotel is dispelling the misconceptions that surround eco-ethics. No, this isn’t roughing it in the hills of North Pennines on a brisk winter’s eve, this is luxury living on a private island, surrounded by luminescent turquoise water and powdery-white beaches.

The Racha, set in Batok Bay to the south of Phuket, is a scenic hotel designed to blend into the existing terrain without hindering the local landscape. The area around the hotel cannot be altered and, even it could be, it would be like scribbling over a priceless piece of art. 

The hotel features 85 uncluttered white-washed villas that are all decorated with a minimalistic, contemporary style. Honeymooners, or those to be betrothed, will love the Spa Pool Suite, which is luxuriously appointed with a state of the art media centre and indoor/outdoor Jacuzzi pool.

The crystal clear water of the Andaman Sea is renowned for its excellent diving and snorkelling adventures, you don’t have to compete with large groups to get excellent views of the local marine-life and corals. Untouched is an over-used term, but for the rest of the island, we can say with confidence that it has been left to grow and flourish beautifully. Explore the island by bike or ATV and discover the untamed splendour of nature, or simply lounge around one of the three pools at the resort and give in to temptation at the bar. 


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