Over the years, we’ve helped thousands of customers acquaint themselves with the Caribbean’s seductive charms. Our Product Manager, Sheree, has been to the Caribbean a whopping 23 times in the last 10 years, visiting multiple magnificent islands along the way. Poor her!

With 12 of those trips including stays in Barbados, it might be safe to say that Sheree has a favourite island. That was, however, until she visited Aruba. Now, she says, it’s impossible to decide which she prefers, and when somebody with such wide ranging expertise gets this excited about a destination, we can’t help but stand up and pay attention. Aruba not only captured Sheree’s heart but it took our imaginations too, which is why we’re very excited to add this Caribbean getaway to our portfolio for thousands more of our customers to enjoy.

Still officially part of the Kingdom of the Netherlands, Aruba shares many desirable traits with its other Caribbean cousins while enjoying the benefits of Dutch governance and investment. This means that Aruba is much more developed than most of its regional neighbours, alongside boasting the safest drinking water in the world. Its colourful colonial roots have produced an impressively multilingual society, with English, Spanish and Dutch-speaking residents welcoming a wide range of nationalities. And while the above points form only a tiny fraction of the reasons behind Aruba’s popularity, it’s small touches like this that work as intricate brushstrokes in a near-perfect portrait of Caribbean island bliss.

“I think the best way to describe Aruba is as being like a mini Miami. The weather, the landscape and the powder-soft spacious beaches are all exactly what you’d wish for. Eagle Beach particularly impressed me.”

Here, Sheree gives a brief breakdown of her top five recommendations for those of you considering Aruba this year:

Head to the Renaissance

The Renaissance Hotel offers guests exclusive access to its own private island, which features a family friendly beach, in addition to an adult only one, but as exclusive as this sounds, there are some unexpected inhabitants sharing the beach with you.  Pink Flamingos live on the beach, and they aren’t afraid of posing for a selfie or two!

Dine ‘til you drop

The dine-around programme at Bucuti & Tara Beach Resort is excellent for dining variety. Guests can take full advantage of access to around 30 different restaurants on the island.

See more with a safari

While in Aruba, Sheree enjoyed a fun-filled jeep safari around the island. It’s not only a great way to see the country, but the safari guides are great for local insider knowledge and recommendations of what to see and do.

Get yourself down to Charlie’s Bar

A true highlight for many visitors to the island, this quirky watering hole in the south of Aruba is jam-packed with memorabilia, complemented by service with a friendly smile. A great atmosphere.

Make a wish

While on her jeep safari, Sheree noticed these small stacks of stones all around the coastline. Her guide explained that Arubans have a superstition that if you make a pebble stack and make a wish, should you return the next day to see it standing, then the wish will come true.

It’s easy to see why Aruba is regularly referred to as One Happy Island, and why wouldn’t it be? Its residents and visitors enjoy more sun per year than any other island in the Caribbean, it’s brilliant for water sports, particularly windsurfing, plus, in all of Sheree’s 23 visits to the Caribbean, she reckons no other island can beat Aruba for beaches – a ringing endorsement if ever we’ve heard one.

For more information about what we’re offering in Aruba, get in touch and make the most of our expertise today.


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