Salzburg is a city begging to be explored and a great way to answer its pleas is by foot. However, you needn't just amble around it. Now you can get the blood pumping and burn off the morning's pastries on a specially mapped out jogging route.

I'm a running novice and have three races lined up this year, none of which exceed 5km. This article is for those like me – the curious rather than the diehard runners. With that in mind, I’d like to tell you about a couple of running routes offered by Hotel & Villa Auersberg that give you the chance to jog around parts of beautiful Salzburg also in under 5km.



Hotel & Villa Auersperg

Hotel & Villa Auersperg is a charming property in the heart of the city, dating back to 1900. You’ll be able to prep before your run or fill up afterwards thanks to the hotel’s homemade and organic breakfast buffet which includes muesli, juices, jams and cakes. Alternatively, if Salzburg keeps you out for longer than intended you can relax with an Italian-style breakfast of cappuccino and croissants.

So, onto the runs. The hotel offers two and the routes can be printed from reception. The first is 2.82 kilometres along the Salzach river.

Route One - Salzach River

First, you'll run, jog or skip through...

until you reach the Salzach again. Here you'll cross the river on the...

and take a left in the direction of Staatsbrucke. You'll have a choice of using any one of several bridges to cross but you'll most likely choose from either...

You’ll make your way back to the hotel through the pedestrian area of Linzergasse



Route Two - Up to the Kapuzinerberg

Hotel & Villa Auersberg’s second route is 4.43 kilometres with an altitude difference of 210 metres - this is due to the mountainous terrain. This run begins where our previous one ended, the pedestrian area of Linzergasse. You’ll run through it until you reach the…

Take a left up to the…

According to the hotel’s website, only the first part of the mountain is steep tracking. On the way you pass the…

To your left you'll soon pass a memorial to Stefan Zweig - a famous Austrian writer of the 1920s and '30s. Then upwards you'll run to the mountain's summit where you may be able to catch a glimpse of the elusive...

Then you’ll run, skip and hop back downhill using the footpath and take the stairs down to…

Finally, you’ll run back through the Linzergasse to Hotel & Villa Auersperg for a well-earned rest.


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