Reputed to be the place where Adam and Eve first stepped foot on Earth, Sri Lanka’s landscape is definitely conducive to romance. There’s something about its rich colonial architecture and diverse tropical terrain that transports you back in time. A time when the world wasn’t yet fully mapped, and the spirit of adventure was still very much alive.

In particular, the south coast and central highland regions of Kandy have a wide variety of different scenery for you to explore, owing to the country’s four different types of climate. The teardrop of India is a big hit with newlywed couples looking for a honeymoon a little different to the usual flop and drop setup that most opt for. Here we have two fantastic recommendations from one very distinctive luxury brand to help make your Sri Lankan honeymoon one you’ll never forget.


Amangalla is steeped in history, occupying a 400 year old site, still rich in its original design features. Carefully restored and furnished with respect to its original character, this authentic property possesses a unique charm that really takes you to another period. Aman is well-known for its classy and minimalist approach to providing your holiday with a backdrop of luxury and opulence, and Amangalla, though unique in style, is no exception to the rule. The surrounding area itself, Galle, is also rich in historical architecture.


Smack bang in the middle of the island’s south coast, Amanwella offers the best of both honeymooning worlds. Its beachfront location allows you to laze in the sun with sea and sand, but the rest of the island is just waiting to be explored. Once your tan is suitably topped up, the central highlands are home to the impressive Sigiriya Lion Rock Fortress and Adam’s peak, both offering captivating views of Sri Lanka’s stunning scenery.

There’s so much to see and do on this small island. If you’d like more Sri Lankan honeymoon inspiration, our luxury travel experts are at hand to tailor your experiences perfectly for you.


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