Australia’s intense, ochre landscape is as wild as it is beautiful, with vast swathes of desert bordered by lush rainforest, pristine golden beaches and thriving coral reefs. 

Urban explorers are also in for a treat, as Australia’s iconic cities offer a wide range of cultural, gastronomical and leisure attractions. Here at Destinology, we offer an exciting range of Australian urban and rural breaks designed to appeal to a broad range of holidaymakers, wherever your interests may lie.


Captivating Cities

Australia’s cosmopolitan cities are brimming with man-made wonders, from the Sydney Harbour Bridge and the Opera House to Melbourne’s Royal Botanic Gardens and Flinders Street Station. For those who want to combine exploring buzzing, modern cities with plenty of outdoor activities and relaxing beach days, Australia offers you the opportunity to experience it all.

Spectacular Scenery

Australia boasts some of the most spectacular natural contrasts in the world when it comes to landscapes, with serene sandy beaches and sweeping deserts sitting side-by-side with ancient gorges, cascading waterfalls and soaring primordial forests. Perhaps the most famous of the country’s natural attractions is the Great Barrier Reef, which draws in visitors from all over the world who come to experience its beauty and swim alongside sea turtles and fish in its vibrant, clear waters.

Australian Multicentre Tours

Our multicentre tours are the perfect way to experience all that Australia has to offer, and include a mix of both escorted and self-drive itineraries. First-time travellers will appreciate our 16-day Australian Highlights Escorted Tour, which includes stays in Melbourne, Sydney and Cairns, as well as visits to the Great Barrier Reef, Alice Springs and Ayers Rock.


For those looking to get off the beaten track, our 15-day ‘Western Australian Revealed’ tour will take you on a coastal trip through some of Australia’s most dramatic and spectacular landscapes, passing through Exmouth, Coral Bay and Cervantes on your way to Perth.

Romantic Appeal

Australia is a very popular destination for couples, and is a particular favourite amongst honeymooners looking to plan a bespoke, once-in-a-lifetime trip. Palm-fringed beaches and sun-kissed atolls beckon visitors from around the world looking to celebrate their nuptials, as do Australia’s many bustling urban resorts and luxurious spa getaways.


Dine beneath the stars in the iconic city of Sydney, snorkel Australia’s beautiful coral reefs, or take to the Outback on the adventure of a lifetime. However you choose to spend your honeymoon in Australia, you’ll want your accommodation to feel special too. Our exclusive honeymoon trips include luxurious accommodation options such as the enchanting Silky Oaks Lodge in Daintree – a gastronomical paradise for gourmet travellers – as well as the spectacular Southern Ocean Lodge which boasts its own spa and nearby nature reserve.


To discover more about our tailor-made tours to Australia, get in touch with one of our travel specialists who are able to advise you on everything from your route to your accommodation and activities. Simply give us a call on 01204 823590 or use the ‘chat live’ function on the Australia page of our website.


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