A holiday to Cambodia promises a raft of magical experiences like no other. Perfectly positioned between Vietnam and Thailand, this is a land of mystical sights, and life affirming encounters.

Having emerged from its turbulent history, today’s Cambodia now embraces its visitors with the widest smiles and a genuine wish to share its fascinating culture. It is only in Cambodia where you can witness the wonders of the temples of Angkor, many of which remain shrouded in centuries old jungle. Awake to sunrise over the vast waterlily moats of Angkor Wat, as the huge temple emerges from the morning mist. Wander through the peaceful ruins as the light and shade of the day dapples their green stones, the only sound that of the monks chanting in the distant monastery drifting through the trees. Take a boat ride out to the colourful floating villages of the Tonle Sap lake, the largest in South East Asia.


Don’t miss spending a few days in both Siem Reap (the gateway to the temples of Angkor) and the capital Phnom Penh. Cambodia is home to some of the most stunning hotels in South East Asia, many of which are in beautiful old colonial buildings, now impeccably restored, so you can rest assured in the comfort of knowing that superb service and gorgeous accommodation awaits you. We have selected only the best for you, which you are welcome to have a look at on our site. Our personal favourite is the incredible , situated. One of the finest of all of the Aman resorts, this hotel is steeped in history and tranquillity. Meticulously returned to its former charm, you’ll find a sleek, earthly design, achieved by using old photographs and local knowledge. Each elegant suite has its own slice of intimate privacy and the on-site spa will keep you refreshed for a day of exhilarating exploration.

Explore the tree lined streets of former colonial Phnom Penh, lined with contemporary art and fashion boutiques of the new Cambodian designers and artists. Experience the marvels of the art deco Central Market, and find some treasures in the many shops dotted throughout the city. Stroll down the exciting waterfront, as all of modern Cambodia life passes you by. Enjoy the old shophouses of Siem Reap, all perfectly converted into elegant and chic restaurants. Journey out deep into the lush green countryside, passing by a way of life unchanged for centuries, before retiring to a traditional stilt house to sample the best food that Cambodia can offer. Stay at the famous Raffles Hotel Le Royal, a truly luxurious hotel that is the real heartbeat of this fascinating city. 

When you’re in need of some beach time, take a trip down through the country to the south, now emerging as a new beach and island destination to rival the best that the Maldives can offer. Escape to a private archipelago at the amazing Song Saa, and switch off in your own stunning water villa.


It is a rare thing to find a destination as beguiling and eye-opening as the Cambodia of today. Overflowing with rich culture, positivity and enthusiasm, the time is definitely now for Cambodia.


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