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Cruise ships are fast becoming the place for innovative ideas and high technology and below we tell you about some of the most exciting and creative new technologies and features on the latest cruise ships in 2018.

Robot Bartenders - Royal Caribbean's Symphony of the Sea

Royal Caribbean is well known for continually innovating their ships, including the world's tallest slide at sea, surf simulators and now, wait for it, the world's first robotic bartenders.



Known as the Bionic Bar, four of the companies cruises feature the robots and each has their own name. The robots themselves were made in Italy and they can shake, stir and strain many kinds of drinks. There are endless cocktails they can make with 30 spirits and 21 mixers.



The robots can make two drinks per minute and up to a thousand drinks each day. You can create your own drink or order off the menu on the specialised tablet or a member of staff. Whilst your order is being made by the robot you can keep track of it on the digital screen next to the bar. 



The bionic bar is not just about robots creating drinks but also the visual and the atmosphere of what happens. The company that made the robots wanted grace and harmony as key features of the bar and used the movements of the famous ballet dancer, Marco Pelle to give the robots human-like movements.

Escape Room - Royal Caribbean's Harmony of the Seas

Escape rooms are a massive phenomena around the world and Vice President of Royal Caribbean, Nick Weir took note of this when looking at super modern entertainment onboard. Harmony of the Seas has been designed with one of the most sophisticated, modern and exciting escape rooms called 'Escape the Rubicon'.



The escape room isn't your typical high street experience. Here, the room is reminiscent of a Hollywood movie set where solving puzzles and unraveling mysteries triggers amazing, magical technological reactions. We would tell you more, but we don't want to ruin the experience!

Explore the High Seas and Deep Waters - Scenic Eclipse

Scenic Eclipse will launch in September 2018 and will be aided by a number of high-tech vehicles onboard so that guests can get the very most of the areas they are in. The yacht offers underwater, shore and air excursions to its guests.



Firstly, the ship has not one, but two helicopters which seat 6 guests each, which can take you exploring the areas around the ship and give some stunning views. There is also a seven-seater submarine which takes you underwater exploring the seas in Italy, the Scottish Isles and the underwater world in the Caribbean.



There are also 12 zodiacs and kayaks onboard for guests to take charge and explore on tours around the coastlines. The yacht itself is designed to offer guests the optimal sightseeing to places which are difficult to see or rare to see such as the underwater ruins of Greece, the beautiful coral reefs in the Caribbean as well as volcanic ruins in Italy.

Floating Platforms - Celebrity Cruises

Many cruises continue to create innovative, high-tech engineering features and one of the most interesting is the Celebrity Cruises 'Magic Carpet' on the cruise ship Celebrity Edge.



It launched in 2018 and is the world's very first cantilevered floating platform which hangs off the side of the ship. It can also move up and down to become an extension to different decks. This floating platform adds another dimension to the ship as well as a wide range of angles and views. Visually, it also looks amazing!

Wearable Technology - Princess Cruises

Wearable technology is becoming more and more popular and Princess Cruises have embraced this on it's Ocean Medallion where guests can open their cabins and pay for things using wearable technology. This means that guests don't need to take purses, wallets, ID and more every time they leave their cabin or pay for items onboard the ship.



In the future, wearable technology will be used for far more personalised experiences such as tailoring activities, drinks, meals and experiences based on your preference, as well as knowing your likes, dislikes and birthday to make your cruise time as magical as possible.

Optical illusions – Royal Caribbean

Again, Royal Caribbean is winning the high-tech technology so far and another way they are doing this is through the use of screens.



Not your typical TV screens but LED screens all over the ship, on the ceilings, walls and floors. Cruisers know that interior rooms can sometimes feel a little small so RC have come up with the simple yet ingenious plan to have a virtual balcony in such rooms so that guests can enjoy the views. This is just the beginning of using virtual technology to enhance guests experiences onboard their ships. Keep your eyes peeled!

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