Self-confessed scaredy-cats: if there’s anywhere you’re going to leap from the tallest freestanding tower in the USA, purely for the thrill and surreal views, it’s Las Vegas.

After all, this is where lovers in pink cadillacs get wed in a drive-thru chapel, and high rollers slam $1000 down on a roulette table without even blinking. If you’re still not convinced, first hand experience from our writer Natalie tells us there’s a few reasons why SkyJump Las Vegas should be your first bungee jump – no waterproof mascara required!

Soaring above the dazzling Vegas skyline, backed by humbling mountains and illuminated by city lights, the Stratosphere Tower is one of the first icons pointed out by your taxi driver as you arrive in Sin City. At 1149 feet tall and as the northernmost of the major resorts, to many it marks the end of the strip, with the Welcome to Fabulous Las Vegas indicating the beginning. This privileged position means it offers great panoramas of both the vivacious boulevard, as well as nostalgic downtown Fremont and Red Rock Canyon.

The SkyJump is one of four Thrill Rides that Stratosphere offer, and if you’re considering Las Vegas, it’s likely you’ve already been shown spine-tingling videos of brave riders taking on Big Shot, Insanity, or X-Scream. Whether you’re catapulting off the edge of the tower and dangling weightlessly in the air, or your blasting 160ft above the tower peak, we’re pretty sure these rides will prepare you for the main event.

Tickets for the SkyJump are purchased at the Thrill Rides desk in the casino and entertainment area of the tower, and the process is so relaxed that you’ll feel like you’re buying a burger rather than a bungee! A quick list of ‘do you have any of the following ailments?’ and a simple ‘no’ response, and you’re ticket is in hand as you head to the elevators. You’ll be given a dedicated jump time, at which point you and your fellow jumpers meet at the SkyJump hub where you’ll be kitted out.


‘As I clambered into the jumpsuit, slipped on the soft jump shoes, and was vigorously clipped into the various safety belts, there was a great sense of relief. The staff were incredibly friendly, and every buckle and strap was checked and triple-checked by around 6 sets of eyes in total!’  

Safety gear secure, it’s time to bid farewell for now to your friends who will get to witness your jump and hear your deafening yelps from the viewing stand. Scaling 108 floors, guides direct you to the jumper platform which jolts from the tower, with rigid railings either side to guide you out to the edge. Another harness check and a quick chat with the instructors, often entailing ‘so who put you up to this?!’ and it’s only five short steps before your toes are peeping over the edge.


Looking out to a helicopter at eye level, and spotting a huge bullseye to mark my landing, I was beginning to wonder what I’d signed myself up for. This was by far the most daunting part of the jump and the rest was plain sailing, or falling! Leaping out with arms in the air, I’m not sure what took my breath away more – the exhilarating fall or the almighty views of Vegas by night!’


Plummeting 855 feet is a remarkable rush, all sense of fear disappears from the minute you spring into the air, and you’re already wishing you could do it all again. As you come into land, two descent wires slow your speed so you can securely place your feet on solid ground, and for many the controlled cords are what make the SkyJump so reassuring.  

‘I’d recommend the SkyJump for any adrenaline-seekers, particularly those who have never braved a bungee or skydive before and want a more gentle introduction. It’s a great way to conquer your fears without the embarrassing shrieks, or tears rolling down your cheeks upon landing. The jump is open until 01:00am, so round off your Vegas trip in style and jump at night for unparalleled city vistas!’


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