Travel is well and truly back, but with it might come a little apprehension. If you’re out of practice, or just looking for the best tips for travellers, we’re here to help. Our Savvy Traveller series is on hand to provide you with the best hacks, tricks, and tips that will make your next holiday with us the best one yet.

1) Be savvy with your packing.

Always carry a spare change of clothes, medication, and any essential items in your cabin bag in case of emergencies. Pack any heavy or fragile items in the centre of your hold suitcase, surrounded by lots of clothing to act as padding.

2) Research your destination. 

Familiarise yourself with the local history and learn some basic phrases before you touch down. The language will help you to get by, and it’ll also be welcomed by the locals. Hospitality staff will appreciate your efforts. 

3) Pack your portable charger. 

You never know when you might run out of battery. Don’t risk losing access to all the important documents stored on our devices these days. An extra bit of charge will also come in handy in case of any airport delays, too. 

4) Get lounge access. 

Airport queues can be long, especially with little ones in tow. Secure your seats in one of the lounges and enjoy unlimited food and drink until it’s time to board.

5) Use a travel concierge to ensure everything runs smoothly

Our expert team of travel concierges can tailor your holiday to your preferences. They can alert the hotel in advance to any special requests you may have and will ensure everything runs as smoothly as possible. They’ll be on hand before, during, and after your holiday to help.

For more great tips for travellers, keep an eye out for further instalments of our Savvy Traveller series. 

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