Guide to Luxury Holidays in Saint Lucia

There's more to St Lucia than meets the eye. Sure it's got the essential aspects of an idyllic Caribbean island - pristine sand, azure waters, and an easy-going outlook, but geologic wonder and cultural riches make luxury holidays in St Lucia a refreshing change from the usual.

In spite of its bountiful beauty, where verdant mountains provide a majestic backdrop to white sand beaches and crystalline waters, the locals of Saint Lucia take it all in their stride. This coupling of the laid-back attitude of the St. Lucians, and stunning scenery of this friendly nation make this captivating Caribbean island the perfect spot for indulgent, carefree holidays.

In the north of St Lucia, you'll find the delightful Rodney Bay, which plays host to many all-inclusive luxury retreats. Spend your days receiving spa treatments, enjoy a la carte dining, and participate in seasonal adventure programs. Synonymous with romance, this part of the island also promises barefoot beach walks, private outdoor showers, candlelit dinners, and Champagne sunsets.

To the south, Soufrière is where St Lucia's geographical chops are on display, with attractions like old plantations, hidden beaches, and the remarkable Piton Mountains. The town itself is typically West Indian, where colonial-era buildings pale into insignificance against the breathtaking jungle vista that rises up behind them. For a warm and welcoming luxury holiday, St Lucia is a tough one to beat.

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As with most Caribbean destinations, St Lucia enjoys a hot and tropical climate, which is tempered by trade winds throughout the year. Temperatures range from 21-32 degrees, but the driest period is between December and May.

The rainforested interior of the island is typically warm, but if you're planning on hiking in the mountains, make sure you bring some warmer layers, as the temperature can drop as you climb to to higher altitudes.

British passport holders do not need a visa to visit St Lucia. On entry, you will be granted a specific period of stay. Passports should be valid for a minimum of 6 months. Visit GOV.UK for more information about visas and entry requirements.

No matter whether you're staying at an all-inclusive resort or a boutique hotel by the beach, St Lucia serves up exquisite dining experiences alongside thoroughly flavoursome fare. Rodney Bay Village in particular is home to modern, high-end international eateries, where food can be enjoyed by the marina.

Traditional St Lucian cuisine is a combination of Creole with French and West Indian influences. Fresh seafood is a big deal, with 'fish fry' events taking place across the island. Langouste, accra, green fig salads, and salt fish are among the local specialities.

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