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Experience a land of breathtaking natural beauty, a fascinating history and a rich cultural heritage.

Guide to Luxury Holidays in Croatia

It's perhaps no surprise that any description of Croatia begins and ends with a reference to its beautiful coastline, and the famed islands and islets - all 1,244 of them - that punctuate the Adriatic Sea. They are an intrinsic part of any luxury holiday experience to Croatia, and there is no better way to explore their shores than on board your own chartered yacht. The medieval walled city of Dubrovik, the country's star attraction, more than lives up to its billing. A UNESCO World Heritage Site, the Old Town is an architectural masterpiece and at its heart Luza Square is home to the imposing 16th century Sponza Palace. In comparison, Split offers a different vibe. A bustling, lived-in city, it balances the traditional and contemporary effortlessly, boasting a thriving cafe culture, a renowned culinary scene and a well-earned reputation as a cultural hub for the country. Just don't forget to visit the city's magnificent Roman Diocletian's Palace. To the north of the country, Istria is arguably one of Croatia's finest hidden gems. This delightful region features secluded hilltop villages, vineyards and olive groves. The town of Rovinj is a stunning Venetian-style town with pastel-washed houses gathering along a lovely harbour, and a phenomenal reputation as a gastronomic hotspot - a reputation which is richly deserved.

Croatian Kuna
Flying Time
~2 hours 20 minutes
Croatia is a year-round destination, with temperatures governed by your proximity to the coastline and its welcome breeze.The shoulder months of May-June and September-October are considered the best times to visit with temperatures ranging from 24 - 30°C. In July and August it gets hotter and it's not unusual for temperatures to reach 32°C or above. If you're visiting the country during this period, expect to come back with a tan. In winter, you can expect mild winters on the coast, but take note - the temperature drops inland.
You'll need a valid passport, but fortunately, British citizens do not need a visa to enter the country. For more information, and the latest entry requirements, please visit GOV.UK
Croatian cuisine reflects the different cultures that define the country we know today. On the coastline expect a strong Mediterranean influence, with delicious seafood taking centre stage, whilst inland there's a pronounced nod in the direction of Eastern Europe. All the main towns have an exciting restaurant scene, with fine-dining a speciality. The region of Istria is fast becoming a must-visit destination for foodies, and you can expect things like white truffles, wild asparagus and award winning white wines made (from the Malvazija grape) to be a fixture on menus.
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