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Dubrovnik is on the Adriatic Sea in the region of Dalmatia and is the primary tourist destination in the Mediterranean. It has a population of over 42,000 and is a UNESCO World Heritage Site.  As a seaport city it has traditionally relied on maritime trade but saw the beginning of its tourist trade as early as 1897, with the construction of the Hotel Imperial. Dubrovnik is one of the world’s best preserved medieval walled cities. The walls run for 1.24 miles and are almost 20 feet thick in places. During the Bosnian conflict in 1991, the city underwent considerable shelling damage from the Yugoslav People’s Army and has since undergone considerable restoration work. There are various theories as to the origins of the city but some evidence suggests Greek influence from the Common Era. The patron saint of Dubrovnik is Sveti Vlaho (Saint Blaise), whose statues can be seen around the city.

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