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Guide to Luxury Holidays in USA

From the bright lights of big cities to wide-open skies above unspoilt landscapes, the USA is home to incredible diversity. Whether you want to go on a road-trip steeped in history, visit world-renowned attractions, explore mesmerising National Parks or sample mouth-watering cuisines, luxury holidays to the USA won't disappoint.

Few continents come close to the size and scope of North America's incredible diversity, infinite beauty, and pre-eminent culture. In America, incredible natural wonders rub shoulders with impressive man-made structures, and Hollywood continually produces endless global icons. As the birthplace of musical genres and international cuisine, America has a diverse national identity.

Whether it’s the soaring skyscrapers of New York City, bright lights of Las Vegas, or magnificent monuments of Washington DC, many visitors head straight to the USA's modern cities. You’ll find world-renowned performing art scenes like Broadway, discover iconic attractions and landmarks, and make unforgettable memories.

While the USA has witnessed the birth of art movements, music genres, and sporting institutions, don't forget about its breathtaking landscapes and incredible wildlife. National Parks encompass diverse landscapes including the towering granite peaks of Yosemite National Park, mighty mountains of the Canadian Rockies, deep ravines of the Grand Canyon, or the idyllic beaches of the Hawaiian Islands . . . all of which is accessible from family-friendly resorts and villas on a self-drive or organised tour.

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~7 to 11 hours

The best time to visit the USA depends heavily on the location and season. Spring (March to May) and autumn (September to November) usually deliver comfortable temperatures during the day for citywide exploration or National Park adventure.

Regardless of the region, summer typically brings sunshine and warm temperatures, which are tempered by cooling sea breezes on the coast. Winters also vary substantially depending on where you are. Generally speaking, southern states are much warmer than northern states.

British Citizens need to apply for an Electronic System for Travel Authorisation (ESTA) through the Visa Waiver Programme to visit the USA. Visit GOV.UK for more information.

For the most impressive and appetising culinary options in North America, make a beeline for New York or Los Angeles. The big cities are where celebrity chefs typically set-up shop. The USA’s passion for exceptional food can be found elsewhere too.

The Slow Food movement has given precedence to local organically grown fare and is a leading trend in North American restaurants. The 'foodie revolution' of the 1980s and 1990s has also left behind a legacy for championing regional specialities. You’ll also find fantastic wineries throughout many of the states.

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Popular areas in USA

Las Vegas
Discover a state that glitters with glamour, where a futuristic city is surrounded by desert wilderness.
New York
Admire artistic masterpieces, catch a Broadway show, and visit iconic landmarks in the city that never sleeps.
Discover soaring redwood forests, iconic cities and endless stretches of coast.
Visit a fantasy land with incredible white sand beaches, world-famous theme parks and glittering cosmopolitan cities.
Travel to a city with movie inspired theme parks and mingle with your favourite Disney characters.
Relax on beaches fringed by swaying palms, admire 1930s art deco buildings and sample succulent cuisine.
Riverside walks, museum tours, baseball games and the finest seafood on the continent.
Journey to a natural paradise where tropical rainforests fringe multicolour sandy beaches.
Washington DC, Philadelphia & Mid Atlantic
Travel to a land, where historical monuments rub shoulders with contemporary art, culture and politics.
South West
Travel to a region of red-rock formations, wild landscapes, and Native American heritage.
Deep South
Journey to the birthplace of jazz and rock 'n' roll, where colourful cities, golden beaches and trendy cities await.
Chicago & Mid West
Journey to a city that blends modern skyscrapers with historic buildings and vibrant parks with lakeside beaches.
Seattle & Pacific North West
Travel to a region of outdoor adventures, gourmet restaurants, and plenty of local appeal.
Mountain West
Explore sweeping deserts, colourful canyons and snow-capped Rocky Mountains.
Experience life on a working guest ranch for that wild west dream you had. Ride a horse, watch the cattle wranglers or hike in the hills, a ranching holiday is one to make memories as a couple or a family.
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