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Guide to Luxury Holidays in Antigua And Barbuda

Despite their colonial heritage, Antigua and Barbuda are quintessentially Caribbean. Laid-back locals boast of being able to visit a new beach for every day of the year, most of which are decorated by swaying palms and backed by rainforests. It's no surprise that even the most pre-eminent of celebrities long for luxury holidays in Antigua and Barbuda.

With 365 equally alluring beaches to choose from, the locals of Antigua proudly proclaim there is a "one for every day of the year", so it's little wonder that Antigua has established itself as a destination of choice among celebrities, honeymooners, and families alike. And if you are serious about a holiday in Antigua, then it's practically your duty to investigate as many of these glorious beaches as you can.

Once you scratch the surface of Antigua’s obvious aesthetic appeal, you'll find even more attractive traits. From the sheltered bays where buccaneers, yachties, and even Admiral Nelson once sought refuge, to the bustling capital of St John with its decidedly English tone, Antigua boasts a rich history and captivating culture. Added to that, you'll find that the locals are warm and welcoming and their hospitality has become synonymous with the region.

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Antigua and Barbuda have a tropical climate, you'll find the weather is warm and dry throughout the year. Between the peak travel months of December and April, daily highs average 27 degrees, while night time temperatures drop to 22 degrees for a comfortable sleep.

Even during the warmest time of year (October to December), when temperatures range from 30 to 35 degrees, cooling winds from the southeast keep the heat in check.

British passport holders can visit Antigua and Barbuda without having to get a visa. On entry, you'll be granted a specified period of stay. Passports should be valid for at least six months. More information can be found on GOV.UK.

There's no shortage of dining and menu options in Antigua, where choices include grilled chicken at roadside barbecues, tamarind balls at rustic beach bars, and the finest fish at exclusive resort restaurants. Barbuda is a little more limited, but won't stray far from tried and true Caribbean classics.

Gastronomic specialities often revolve around fresh seafood, such as lobster, red snapper, conch, mahi mahi, and shrimp. Antiguan and Barbudan food can be on the spicy side, with locals often splashing on generous amounts of hot sauce for good measure.

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