Antigua And Barbuda things to do

Antigua And Barbuda
Half Moon Bay

In Antigua's remote southeast, Half Moon Bay promises a profusion of beachside activities. You can surf at the north end, snorkel at the south end, or simply relax and unwind in the middle. Whatever you choose, they'll be an endless supply of grilled-fish and rum cocktails to keep you at this awe-inspiring white crescent the entire day.

Antigua And Barbuda
St John's Public Market

Haggle for exotic local produce including black pineapple and sugar apple at St John's Public Market. If you're serious about bagging a bargain, head here in the morning. Otherwise, follow your nose around the fragrant stalls, pick one of the local specialities on offer, and enjoy the vibrant mood of the thronging shoppers.

Antigua And Barbuda
Shirley Heights

This former military outlook and gun battery affords a superb view across the harbour and towards the neighbouring islands of Montserrat and Guadeloupe. Every Sunday, Shirley Heights is the setting for a rum-infused barbecue party, where live bands playing steel drums provide a joyful Caribbean soundtrack to the evening's festivities.

Antigua And Barbuda
Nelson's Dockyard

A UNESCO World Heritage Site, this Georgian-era marina is Antigua's most famous attraction and a treasure trove for history buffs. Home to Admiral Horatio Nelson from 1745 to 1787, it fell into a state of decay after it was abandoned by the Royal Navy, but having been lovingly restored, it now houses a museum, souvenir shop, restaurants, and hotels.

Antigua And Barbuda
Frigate Bird Sanctuary

Within the Codrington Lagoon lies an extensive estuary that supports one of the world's largest colonies of frigate birds. Visit during mating season and you'll witness male birds puffing out their blood-red throat pouches to attract the female of the species. The sights and sounds of Frigate Bird Sanctuary are nothing short of spectacular.

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