The Best Destinations For Cruises In November

As the winter season transforms Europe's into a winter wonderland, destinations across the world are finally beginning to blossom. November is great for cruises to Iceland and Northern Europe, with excellent opportunities to view the Northern Lights or scour the Christmas Markets. Meanwhile in the Caribbean, cruises in November invite you to rest, relax and reline along pristine white beaches. 

Whether you're planning ahead to book your 2025 cruises in November, or opting for a last-minute sailing adventure, leave your worries behind, and set your sights on new horizons. With so many cruise destinations available, it might be hard to select your dream cruise sailing.

But no matter your preferences and no matter the destination, Destinology will curate the perfect cruise holiday for you. 



Why Should You Cruise In November?

Warmer Climates

Whilst the pre-Christmas month is often associated with snowy days, cosy hot chocolates and festive fun, November transforms other destinations into blissful sunshine. The Caribbean beckons with average temperatures of 29°C, whilst Antarctica surprises with the arrival of its springtime season, known for long sunsets and wildlife abundance.

Better Cruise Deals

November provides an excellent opportunity for your luxury cruise holiday. As the school’s Autumn Term is well underway, peak holiday prices drop, and winter cruise deals begin to take shape. Whether you’re spreading the cost by planning in advance or indulging in a last-minute November cruise, Destinology’s offers are not one to miss. 

Fewer Crowds

Lower costs aren’t the only addition to cruises in November. Whilst children are occupied with the full swing of the Autumn Term, cruises become quieter, ports of call have fewer crowds and child-free escapes finally begin. Additionally to the calming ambience, evening entertainment onboard becomes more adult-focused.

Festive & Seasonal Activities

The arrival of the pre-Christmas month means that the festive season has finally begun. Cruises in the Caribbean begin their celebrations early, with onboard decoration and festive activities, whilst Alaska cruises offer impressive glacier tours and snow-capped mountain vistas. Alternatively, for those looking for sailing holidays in Northern Europe or Iceland, November cruises offer incredible opportunities to see the Northern Lights, with the arrival of its peak season.

Top Destinations For Cruises In November

Aruba The Caribbean best cruises in November

The Caribbean

British Virgin Islands

As the Caribbean’s wet season comes to a close, November transforms these beautiful islands into a lush, green paradise. Ocean temperatures boast an idyllic 27°C - 28°C, perfect for mid-afternoon swims, snorkelling and scuba diving in coral reefs. After taking advantage of the British Virgin Islands’ pristine beaches, calm ocean waters offer peaceful yacht charters and private sailing excursions.


Known for its colourful city streets, lined with Dutch Colonial architecture and bustling markets, Aruba is one of the driest and most naturally beautiful islands in the Caribbean. Alongside white-sand beaches and crystal-clear lagoons, Caribbean cruises in November offer opportunities to experience Aruba’s Carnival, Beach Tennis Championships and Thanksgiving. 

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Canary Islands best cruises in November


Canary Islands

The home of winter sun holidays in Europe, the Canary Islands are known for their beautiful year-long climates, endless beaches and volcanic formations. Visit Tenerife’s UNESCO World Heritage Sites and palm-lined promenades, relish the rays along Gran Canaria’s golden dunes, or uncover the geothermal landscapes of Lanzarote. Whilst each Canary Island offers diverse landscapes and scenery, each promises cultural exploration, adventure and endless sunshine. 

Northern Europe

Known for its Scandinavian architecture and dramatic fjords, Northern Europe cruises never fail to ‘wow’. Framed by snow-capped mountains, cruises to Northern Europe are also blessed with nightly chances to glimpse the Northern Lights, with the arrival of its peak season. With only one month left before Christmas, cruises in November allow you to shop for gifts for your loved ones, and explore Northern Europe’s famous Christmas Markets. These snowy landscapes are also home to Rovaniemi, Father Christmas’ village, nestled within the wonderland of Lapland.

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Iceland and Northern Lights best cruises in November

The Polar Regions


November is the start of Antarctica’s spring season, where days are longer, temperatures are slightly warmer, and wildlife viewing opportunities are second to none. Penguin colonies are busy with courtship and nesting rituals, now that Antarctica’s winter season has passed, whilst the region’s seabirds begin courtship and laying their eggs too. As the Arctic Peninsula begins to break apart, expedition cruises to Antarctica are able to move along and access more remote destinations with ease.


Unlike Antarctica’s springtime arrival, November cruises to Iceland mark the beginning of winter. But despite Iceland’s colder temperatures, November transforms this already legendary destination. Dramatic mountain ranges are topped with blankets of snow, vast lakes are frozen over for ice skating excursions, and visits to the world-famous Blue Lagoon spa and lava field are even more enchanting. Take guided tours across Europe’s largest glacier, witness the crashing heights of Icelandic waterfalls, and if you’re lucky, catch your chance to see the Northern Lights during clear sky nights.

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Strasbourg The Rhine best cruises in November

River Cruises

Danube River Cruises

Glide along one of Europe’s most iconic waterways, where the beginning of the winter season has transformed these picturesque riverbanks. Rich red and orange leaves line the water's edge, passing medieval castles blanketed by snow with Danube River cruises. As you disembark your small luxury river cruise, straight into the heart of each port of call, keep your eye out for the start of the Christmas Market season. Sail through Munich, Salzburg and Budapest, where festive stalls line ancient city streets, selling unique gifts and delicious seasonal treats. 

Rhine River Cruises

Dutch architecture meets enchanting snow-lined streets, sailing through the cultural heart of Europe. Rhine River cruises are the epitome of elegance and beauty, where historic towns are matched by scenic riverside vineyards, offering day trips and local wine-tasting excursions. Many Rhine River cruises sail through Christmas Market hotspots, where cobbled streets are lined with Christmas lights and festive decor. Soak in the sweet scents of chocolate vendors, shopping for unique gifts and presents.

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