The Best Places to Cruise in October

As crowds start to thin and the leaves adorn their vibrant autumnal palette, the call of adventure beckons. October is a fantastic time to cruise. Popular destinations become more peaceful and remain as enthralling as any other time of the year, while the weather is still warm and inviting. More importantly, the changing season brings new sights to see and landscapes to explore. The stunning fall scenery of New England is a particular highlight around this time of year, while the Caribbean’s beautiful beaches are always inviting.

With so many incredible destinations to explore, how do you decide on your next trip? Whether you’re a seasoned cruise expert or a first-time cruiser, this guide will help you find the best places to cruise in October, uncovering idyllic destinations suited to every taste.



Why Should You Cruise in October?

Perfect Weather

An October cruise provides the perfect combination of stunning scenery, warm weather and mild seas. There are many fantastic itineraries in October and the beauty is in the diverse nature of the adventure. The Mediterranean has a lovely glow around this time of year with temperatures in the mid-20s, while the Autumn foliage of the New England and Canadian coastlines is breathtakingly beautiful.


Fewer Crowds

With the hot summer months now gone, the crowds have also followed suit. Popular destinations are considerably quieter and there is greater freedom to explore and relax without competition for space at local landmarks and beaches on your shore excursion. While some tourist attractions begin to close around this time ahead of the winter months, many remain open, which means less queuing and less of a need to book ahead.


Delightfully Warm Seas

While summer may be a distant memory, the sea still retains much of its glorious warmth. In the Mediterranean, the sea temperature is consistently above 20 degrees. This naturally makes it perfect for swimming, snorkelling, scuba diving and other water activities in many other regions of the world.


No Children

As much as we love our little ones, sometimes adults need time to themselves. By October, most children have returned to school, which means there is greater availability for certain cabin types and facilities. On board, the entertainment also moves towards a more adult-centric offering. If you are looking for a child-free cruise, just be aware that there is a half-term in October, so do check online or speak to our dedicated cruise specialists for advice.


Early Christmas Shopping

Every year it feels like Christmas starts earlier and earlier. But you can get even further ahead of the curve by ticking presents off your list on your October cruise by visiting vibrant markets and shops in the charming port towns you visit. From exquisite jewellery and hand-painted ornaments to unique festive decorations and local art, you will undoubtedly find a treasure trove of items that will be sure to wow your friends and family.


Top Destinations for an October Cruise

The white buildings of Santorini and views of the sea

The Mediterranean

Greek Isles

Greece is famed for its wealth of history and culture. It’s a wondrous place of archaeological treasures, unrivalled hospitality and, of course, beautiful islands. The picturesque Greek Isles are a sun-seeker's paradise - adorned with glistening sands, colourful villages and plenty of taverns to experience delicious Greek cuisine, all adding to your cruise experience

By October, the crowds that dominated the summer period have now long disappeared, offering a welcome respite from the peak tourist season. Popular destinations like Santorini and Mykonos are now much more laid-back, meaning you can immerse yourself in the local culture and explore stunning landmarks such as the Ancient Thera and the Acropolis of Athens. Although not as hot as the summer months, Greece’s temperatures average a pleasant 20 degrees in Autumn, which means sunny days paired with delightfully refreshing evenings.


An aerial view of the town of Hvar and the harbour in Croatia.

Adriatic Coast

Along the northernmost point of the Mediterranean Sea lies the wonderfully varied jewel that is the Adriatic Coast. Tucked neatly between Italy and the Balkan countries of Croatia, Montenegro and Slovenia, cruises in these parts encompass vibrant cities, enchanting villages and seas so clear you would think you’re cruising on glass. October is a great time to cruise the Adriatic Coast as it is pleasantly warm, averaging roughly 18 degrees, making for easy and refreshing exploration days.

There’s an abundance of must-see destinations in this area. Dubrovnik is one of Europe’s bucket-list cities for a reason. Dubrovnik has been attracting visitors long before its appearance as King’s Landing on Game of Thrones, but it's easy to see why it was used with its fantasy novel appearance. Meanwhile, Venice is a city unlike any other and no photo or video can do as much justice as seeing this historical wonder in person. Add other stunning destinations like Hvar, Kotor, Rovinj and Zadar to name just a few and you’re in for a treat.


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Autumn leaves in Monpelier in Vermont gold, orange and brown leaves

New England & Canada

In October a kaleidoscope of fall colours envelopes New England & Canada, transforming into a tapestry of red, gold and orange. Autumn is widely regarded as the perfect time to visit New England thanks to Mother Nature flaunting the seasonal change. However, beyond the foliage, you can also discover a wealth of American heritage and historical treasures, such as the Freedom Trail in Boston, and the old colonial homes of Massachusetts.

Home to incredible wildlife and striking landscapes, Canada needs no introduction. October presents a good chance of spotting whales as they migrate south for the winter, as well as plenty of excursions on shore to see iconic landmarks like Peggy’s Cove in Halifax or wander the beautiful quaint cobbled lanes of Chateau Frontenac.


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The promenade at Bridgetown in Barbados

The Caribbean

The Caribbean is synonymous with gorgeous idyllic islands, sandy beaches and, of course, excellent weather. While October is no exception, the change in season brings with it a refreshing breeze, perfect for exploring during your on-shore adventure, while the water is still delightfully warm for swimming.

Imagine relaxing on pure white sands, dozing beneath palm trees all while sipping from fresh coconuts. Even still, a Caribbean cruise holiday goes far beyond relaxation, as each island offers its own charm and culture begging to be explored and you'll get the chance to see and experience so much of it.


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