Top 10 Most Luxurious Cruise Ships In The World

In a world where travel often means crowded airports and cramped seats, the allure of a luxury cruise promises a different kind of journey. And as we journey through the top 10 most luxurious cruise ships in the world, imagine waking up each morning to panoramic ocean views, exploring exotic destinations, and retreating each evening to a suite that rivals the finest hotels. 

Luxury cruises redefine the art of travel, where unparalleled experiences are matched by decadent dining, exclusive excursions, and personalised hospitality - with some also offering dedicated butler services. Whether you're a seasoned sailor or a first-time cruiser, these magnificent floating palaces promise an unforgettable experience within the world of sophistication and splendour. 

And as we could not possibly choose between them... In no particular order, here are Destinology's top 10 most luxurious cruise ships in the world:


Most Luxurious Cruise Ships

1. Regent Seven Seas Grandeur, Regent Seven Seas

Regent Seven Seas Grandeur top 10 most luxurious cruise ships in the world

Best for ultra-luxury all-inclusive cruises

Lavish heritage is the defining feature onboard Seven Seas Grandeur, the most all-inclusive luxury cruise experience in the world. Italian marble covers 46,000 square feet, famous artwork adorns every wall, including original Picassos and the only Fabergé Egg at sea, and more than 500 ornamental chandeliers. Additionally to its 375 suites with private balconies, Seven Seas Grandeur's all-inclusive offerings include fine dining, indulgent spa days, onboard activities and shore excursions. Endless award-winning cuisine can be sampled amidst artistic and modern settings, matched by unlimited cocktails and premium refreshments. After culturally immersive experiences within each port of call, the facilities within the Serene Spa beckon - curating the perfect end to the perfect day at sea.

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2. Oceania Vista, Oceania Cruises

Oceania Cruises Oceania Vista top 10 luxurious cruise ships in the world

Best for award-winning gourmet dining

Oceania Cruises have curated a new level of opulence onboard their brand new luxury cruise ship. Inside Oceania Vista, enter a realm of exquisite dining, curating The Finest Cuisine At Sea®, with each imaginative dining experience paying homage to new perspectives in gastronomy. At The Grand Dining Room, indulge in Tasting Menus and grandeur, whilst succulent steaks and mouth-watering flavours wait to be savoured at the Polo Grill. After dining, retreat to Oceania Vista's all-suite accommodations, each boasting its own private veranda, oversized rainforest showers, bespoke artwork and luxurious accents.

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3. Scenic Eclipse, Scenic Cruises

Scenic Cruises Scenic Eclipse top 10 luxurious cruise ships in the world

Best for off-the-beaten-track destinations

Setting the benchmark for six-star ocean cruises, Scenic Eclipse is far more than a luxury expedition cruise ship. This small luxury yacht cruise ventures to far-reaching corners of the globe, immersing to each port of call with locally curated shore excursions - each included within your itinerary. As well as included shore excursions, ascend to unparalleled heights with Scenic Eclipse's very own onboard helicopters, discovering beautiful sights like you've never seen them before. Additionally, delve beneath the waves with onboard submersibles, exploring the untold beauties of the ocean floor and vast marine life.

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4. Emerald Sakara, Emerald Cruises

Emerald Sakara top 10 luxurious cruise ships

Best for small luxury cruises

One of the best luxury yacht cruises in the world, Emerald Sakara's sleek and ultra-modern architecture sets the standard for small luxury ships. These floating boutique hotels sail into the heart of every port with only 100 passengers. With its smaller size, this innovative ship can access the hidden coves and boutique ports that larger ships cannot, curating a more personalised experience for onboard guests. And after days spent indulging in Emerald Sakara's exclusive shore excursions, return to onboard gourmet dining, all-suite accommodation and a luxurious spa with an infinity pool.

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5. Silver Nova, Silversea

Silversea Silver Nova spa top 10 luxurious cruise ships in the world

Best for luxury cruises with a spa

Boasting the most relaxing setting at sea, Silver Nova's Otium Spa sets the standard of cruises with luxury spas. Inspired by Ancient Rome and the flavours of the Mediterranean, this bespoke journey is a newly curated concept of sensory experiences. Enjoy laps of the indoor swimming pool, recline within the Finnish sauna, and indulge in personalised therapies - with each space framed by floor-length ocean views. Silver Nova's signature layout blends ocean views with the indoors. Sip Silversea's exclusive collection of French wines, listen to live music within the Dolce Vita piano bar or witness immersive performances within the Venetian Lounge.

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6. Evrima, Ritz-Carlton Yacht Collection 

The Ritz Carlton Yacht Collection Evrima top 10 luxurious cruise ships

Best for all-inclusive yacht cruises

Discover the innovative Ritz-Carlton Yacht Collection fleet, known as one of the finest brands for small luxury yacht cruises in the world. Inspired by the Greek word for 'discovery', the Ritz-Carlton Yacht Evrima is the epitome of a slow-paced yachting lifestyle, matched by elevated luxury. Matching the luxuries of a high-end boutique resort, Evrima's all-inclusive offerings allow guests to experience every stylish space inside the ship. Admire the starry skies with late-night dancing at the Observatory Lounge, unwind inside The Ritz-Carlton Spa with a sauna, steam room and holistic relaxation areas, or take to the ocean waters with their exciting Marina Platform, creating a private beachlike setting with private water toys, light bites and cocktails.

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7. Explora II, Explora Journeys

Explora Journeys Explora II top 10 luxurious cruises in the world

Best for accommodation with sea views

Sailing from 2024, the brand-new Explora II uncovers a new genre of luxury cruising. Flaunting their new ocean state of mind, Explora II debuts 461 ocean-fronted suites, complete with floor-length windows and private terraces. Ocean-inspired wellness and culinary experiences are a key highlight within your onboard experience, with 8 locally sourced gourmet restaurants and therapies invoked by the sea. Complimentary shuttle services take you directly from the harbour to the heart of each port, with longer stays for unparalleled cultural immersion. 

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8. Azamara Onward, Azamara Cruises

Azamara Onward AzAmazing Events top 10 most luxurious cruise ships in the world

Best for evening events and spectacular entertainment

Fantastic experiences don't conclude when you depart from each destination. Azamara's incredible events have landed them an incredibly deserved spot within the top 10 most luxurious cruise ships in the world. Overnight stays within selected destinations allow a deeper experience of each beautiful port. Picture private tours of Ancient Wonders, wine-tasting journeys in surrounding vineyards, and introductions to remote cultures. And alongside all-inclusive dining and premium refreshments, AzAmazing Events is the crowning jewel of each luxury sailing. Picture decadent White Night parties on the pool deck, unforgettable performances within the decadent theatre and private AzAmazing Celebrations. 

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9. Seabourn Ovation, Seabourn

Seabourn Ovation top 10 luxurious cruises in the world

Best for unique dining experiences

Boasting a fleet of the most luxurious cruise ships in the world, Seabourn has set itself apart when it comes to unique dining experiences. Earth And Ocean sets the standard of indulgent gastronomy, with highly acclaimed chefs from across the globe coming together, to create artfully-curated dishes beneath the stars. Caviar In The Surf is the mouth-watering highlight onboard Seabourn Ovation, where guests are invited to sample iced Champagne and caviar at their signature, floating surfboard bar. For romantic evenings, the Sky Bar and Observation Bar are excellent choices for hand-crafted cocktails with stunning ocean views. Alternatively, for those private moments, guests have the choice of in-suite dining, served on their private veranda or dining area no matter the day.

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10. Silver Muse, Silversea

Silversea Silver Muse top 10 luxurious cruise ships in the world

Best for luxurious touches and high-quality interiors

Sailing with just 596 passengers, Silver Muse's all-suite accommodation is just the beginning of the ship's high-quality finishings. Alongside personalised in-suite butler services, Silver Muse boasts all-inclusive indulgences, one of the largest cruise swimming pools and a variety of world-class restaurants, including an intimate jazz club. Sip hand-crafted cocktails and premium refreshments at no extra cost, where high-quality interiors are complete with luxury Italian marble, polished mahogany and intricate architecture.

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As we conclude our voyage through the top 10 most luxurious cruise ships in the world, it's clear that these vessels offer more than just transportation - they provide some of the finest cruising experiences in the world. Whether you're a cruising expert or a first-time cruiser in search of magnificence, each of these ships promises to rival the refinement of a five-star resort.

Whether you're dreaming of a romantic escape, a family adventure, or a solo retreat, a luxury cruise promises memories that will last a lifetime. So why settle for the ordinary, when you can rediscover the extraordinary? Embrace the elegance, revel in the refinement, and discover the magic of the high seas on one of these magnificent cruise ships.

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